Do Coton De Tulear puppies have sensitive GI tracts?

by Patsy
(Madison, MS USA)

I have had my puppy since Sept. 10, at which time she was a little over 3 months old.. She has had two episodes of diarrhea, one with vomiting, since I have had her. Took her to the vet, gave her amoxicillin and she recovered. She is having loose stools again and I do not want her on antibiotics again so am trying to solve the problem myself. I have been feeding her a recipe for puppy food with supplements that I found in a book by Rick Woodford, Feed Your Best Friend Better. Also have continued offering her the dry food the breeder had her on: Victor High Pro Plus for active dogs and puppies. Each time I have taken her to the vet, he had ordered Hills Science Diet id canned food, which I continue to give her, mixed with the food I cook.

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Dec 04, 2018
Sensitive GI Tracts

My vet told me that white dogs especially have not only skin sensitivity, but also sensitive tummies. I had to switch to only lamb and rice based food and treats. There seems to be trouble when he eats chicken or any grain based food....grass fed is better. It is hard to find special foods and treats for them, but worth the no scratching and throwing up that happens when their systems are upset.

Nov 30, 2018
Thanks for comments NEW
by: Patsy

Thanks for the comments. I have only had my coton almost 3 months so we are still getting used to each other. So far, she has me trained to take her out! I guess I will just have to find what agrees with her by trial and error.

Nov 29, 2018
by: Narita

Sorry to hear your furbaby is having trouble. Bill is 7 and he has had trouble from the time we got him at 5 months old. A milk bone cost us a $350 ER vet bill because he couldn't quit vomiting.
I have learned some things that help Bill. One he did better when I quit giving him any treats with grain or flour. I think he might be gluten intolerant.
He has always been on Taste of the Wild since he was a pup (grain free) and if he gets into another dogs food we have a vomit fest.
He can have dried sweet potato slices, frozen blueberries and apples. But very little and very rarely
My vet who is familiar with cotons, said he has high acid. She has be give him 1/2 of a 10mg. generic Prilosec in the morning before he eats. This and that zero purchased treat policy really changed things.
He is has separation anxiety and loves to eat trash, animal poo at times. So we still have the occasional throwing up. My vet has be give him Petobismol. This usually stops it. It if doesn't after doing it all day every 4 hours, I have an antibiotic called Albon I keep on hand. I give it to him 2 times a day for 3 days.
Since the antacid and the treat change I have only had to use it once in 3 years.
I have heard of some cotons with such sensitive tummies that it is hard to even find food for them. Hope this helps and your little one feels better soon.

Nov 28, 2018
Lucky NEW
by: Anonymous

Super sensitive...our 2-year-old Coton is very sensitive. We have to stick with Nutro Adult dog canned food..loves boiled eggs...he loves organic carrots daily:) ( but does not eat regular carrots:) )

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