Dirty paws

by Cheryl Orian

Thalia's paws have become really dirty. She dug in the mud several times but now that the grass has finally taken over, she is not digging any more. Nevertheless, I cannot get the stains off her paws and chin. Even the parlour was unable to do so. We have tried a whitening shampoo and it is making very little difference. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, ow did you deal with it?

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Mar 30, 2016
dirty paws NEW
by: sherry candie cotton

I have given lots of foot baths as well, not sure I would try that peroxide mix on a puppy. Hard to keep them from drinking or licking it off.

Have you tried just using some baby shampoo on the feet? I have used it on mine when giving just a foot bath as it is cheaper than
the expensive dog shampoo and I figure more gentle than ordinary shampoos. Hope you can find something that is safe and works.

Hard to keep these babies nice and white when they love the outdoors. lol

Good Luck with your baby.

Mar 16, 2016
Dirty paws NEW
by: Cheryl Orian

Thank you Iris. Unfortunately we are unable to get this shampoo on my island. After a bit of internet searching, I found several sites that recommended using Milk of Magnesium with equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, then mixing some cornstarch into it to make a paste. It then said to apply the paste to the paws, leave to dry and brush out. I wonder if using the hydrogen peroxide would be harmful.

Another site said equal parts of Milk of Magnesia and boric (boracic) powder and to add 10% hydrogen peroxide for very stubborn stains.

I am just a bit nervous to try this as Thalia is only 6 and a half months old.

Has anyone else tried this or something similar?

As an aside - Thalia hates bathing, though she loves being brushed. Nevertheless she paddles in the water drinking dish so I don't think she hates water.

Mar 15, 2016
Dirty paws solution NEW
by: Iris

We have move to California and we live on a busy road in a large apartment complex with lots of parking lots and cars. Tuffy has never been so dirty in all his eight years! His paws are saturated with black soot and his white hair looks dusted in black soot. I now Use oatmeal puppy shampoo for sensitive skin. I do not bathe him often , I took him in the shower with me and wet him down and used a small amount of his shampoo and rinsed well, in between those bath times I have cut the hair on his paws and lower legs short so they don't soak up moisture and diet as much, I keep him on leash and when we get back into our apartment I keep a bath towel by the door and dry his paws,legs and belly. For the black dirty feet even with the shorter hair , the soot is so bad it's unavoidable. So I put him in a shallow wash basin with warm water and soak his feet and use his oatmeal shampoo to was his feet, then sry them with a chamois cloth and cloth towel.
If your dog has mud stains try cutting the stained hair off. Also, dig foods are sometimes colored with beetroot that will stain the dogs hair and skin. Maybe a change of food will make a difference.
Best of luck
Love Iris and Tuffy.🐶❤️

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