Dinky has saved my life

by Jayne van der Putten
(The Hague, The Netherlands)

Hi everyone!

My name is Jayne van der Putten (from The Netherlands) and my husband and I have a wonderfull (almost) nine months old Coton: Dinky "Toy". Since he came into our family things are getting better and better.

Because of some serious traumas, I am diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which makes everyday life hard sometimes. At it heaviest, I did not went outside of the house anymore because I was really afraid to do so. However, at a certain point I fellt in my heart it would be a great idea to take a dog again. I grew up with dogs and I love them a lot. My husband and I went looking for a breed that will suit us and that is how we discovered the Coton.I contacted a breeder and...what a luck...she had a litter at that moment. We went to the breeder to see the pups and the parents. There was a little guy who did not wanted a lot of attention. He was not shy, he only looked and tried to ignore us. I knew right away that this would be our Coton!!! Soon after, he decided that he liked us too and came to us, very calm and very clever looking. I will never forget that. Finally, at the age of four months we could welcome him into our home.

From day/night one it went perfect. He felt comfortable right away, was not noisey or whatsoever and was housetrained. From that day on I knew that Dinky and I are a match made in heaven. When we look to eachother we know what we mean, we respect eachother in all ways and.....it turned out that Dinky is a real helping dog. Thanks to this boy I am not afraid anymore to go out on the streets. When I do become afraid or start to panic, Dinky comforts me so I can hold on. I have never had this experience in a dog before. He also likes to bring all kinds of things like my glasses, my mobile telephone a magazine and so on. I did not train him to do that, he started this himself. Now it is a kind of play for the both of us.

Dinky has given my life back in a kind of way. Besides that he is my pride and joy. I love his laid-back attitude, his "smiles", his playfull charactar, his cleverness and the love he gives. In the past I already had dogs, especially when I did lived at my parents' home, like Scottish terriers, Keeshonds and Pomeranians. But with Dinky it is a complete different story....he is really unlike any other dog I had. The Coton is really my breed and sometimes I still cannot believe that one of them really saved my life!!!!

Have a wonderfull day!

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Apr 25, 2014
lucky you NEW
by: Milo's mom

What a wonderful story. It is hard to explain to people who do not have these dogs how special they are. We Coton owners understand completely the feelings you share with Dinky. Good luck on your road to recovery. Good to know you have a loving Coton to hold your hand on the way.

Apr 25, 2014
Thanks everyone NEW
by: Jayne van der Putten

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your touching and loving comments, this means a lot to me! As already said, Cotons are quite amazing and I really think Dinky and I are meant to be. He sure is my guardian angel and it still amazes me that he is so clever. We have a very strong bonding and it seems he has a sort of "gift" to know how I feel and how to "solve" this.

When something occurs that bring back the trauma, he looks at me and he lead me out of that situation. I am really thankfull and blessed with this little guy. He loves to see me happy and I want the best for him. In our neighbourhood he has a lot of fans. Even our next door neighbour who is afraid of dogs is touched by him and even plays with him. During our daily walks we meet a lot of people who start to chat with me and are curious what breed he is. This is so nice! I can talk for hours about Dinky. I quess some people think I am a little crazy when I tell them about our strong bonding, but those people were never blessed to know a dog like him.

Cotons really deserve their nickname "anti-stress dog". They really do!
As I already pointed out in my first comment, Dinky really saved my life. We belong to eachother, just as my hubby and I. The three of us are a great team. Though I know I still have a long way to go to complete recovery, I know that I will succeed, with the love, help and friendship of my two guys who are both the loves of my life!

And afcourse I will come back often here to share my stories and pics! Have a wonderfull day everyone and a big hug from us for all your great Cotons!


Jayne and Dinky

Apr 24, 2014
Play Date? NEW
by: Mrs. C

COTON'S ARE OUR PERSONAL GUARDING ANGELS. My Ruthie Rue never leaves my side. She loves everyone especially children. She loves our four cats and shares her food, toys and bed with them. I showed her Dinky's picture and she woofed so I think that means a play date! Glad you are on the road to recovery. Whenever I get stressed Ruthie Rue climbs on top of me and sits on my chest. She then proceeds to suck my thumb.....suprisingly this is very calming for me and I suppose her as well. Coton's are the most preceptive dogs, they are amazing and almost magical with their behavior....Ruthie Rue was just the oposite of Dinky though. When we went to the breeder there were five balls of fur but Ruthie locked eyes with me and I knew at that moment that she chose me and not the other way around!


Apr 24, 2014
Welcome Dinky!!!!
by: Leslie and Jasper

Greetings Jayne, Hubby and Dinky.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. It was so touching to learn how this new little guy has helped you to enjoy life more now.
Under FAQs on this site, it says that Cotons are called anti- depression dogs in France...
Dinky is so darling and wow how smart your puppy is. My Jasper is 5-6 years old and he brings stuff too- My bras and chewed up envelopes from the recyclable trash. I sure wish that I could get him to bring my things like a cellphone.
Please keep sharing stories and pictures of him. I agree 100% that these little special pups can fill a certain void that others cannot.

Thanks again for sharing!
Leslie and Jaspaar Coo-tawn!

Apr 24, 2014
by: Vicky & Jonah

What a wonderful story & I am so glad life is moving up hill. He is adorable I love the way his 1 ear goes up.

They certainly r one of a kind the best of all breeds used to make this wonderful dog. Wow the Netherlands how cool.

Thank u so much for sharing & we love to hear updates & pics of growing up Dinky (-:

Apr 24, 2014
Great happy story
by: Anonymous

I'm so happy for you two. I have a coton too. He's five months old. Hope you two have many happy years together. Fabulous story.

Apr 24, 2014
by: sherry cotton candie

What a tearful moving story you have told. I believe they are a very unique and special breed. So much in tune with our feelings and always able to make us smile.......So very happy for you and may you continue to feel more comfortable in going out.

Give Dinky a big hug for us. They for sure change our lives in all the most positive ways. Thank you for sharing and hope we hear more about Dinky as he grows up. He is adorable and we wish all of you good luck.

Apr 24, 2014
by: Anne/Glenmoore

What a wonderful story. I am so glad that you and Dinky found each other and that you are coping better with your situation thanks to a beautiful and loving Coton. I am sure as time goes by you and Dinky will become even closer. Our Coton, Molly, couldn't be more gentle and loving. She is our treasure. Our perfect little companion. So it sounds like you found your perfect companion and therapy dog. Best wishes for continued improvement and good health once again. Thanks for posting such a touching story. And Dinky is adorable.

Apr 24, 2014
by: Crystal Garland

I had tears in my eyes reading your story. I am amazed at what these wonderful and loving dogs can do. Sometimes it's just meant to be. I lost my Jeffrey to cancer and knew when the time was right a new pup would come into my life and now I have Logan. He's so happy and loving all the time and knows when I'm having a bad day. Cotons are a blessing. Best of luck to you and Dinky. Sounds like you're on the road to recovery!

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