by Dale Cone
(PSL Florida)

Buffy taking a nap

Buffy taking a nap

Buffy has been diagnosed with CUSHINGS , she is 7 years old which is uncommon for young dogs to get. Usually dogs are older. Cotons aren’t suppose to have many health issues. Does anyone else have a coton with cushings?

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Apr 25, 2024
Coton with cushings and blindness NEW
by: Shealy

My Coton was 11 1/2 when diagnosed with cushings. He was a happy dog but suddenly, over night, went blind - SARDS. He also had a heart murmur and diabetes. He passed away a couple days ago, so I’m still reeling. He was the best dog ever and so happy.

Aug 13, 2022
Here too NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes, my Coton was also diagnosed with Cushings at a fairly young age. He was on Vetoryl for a long time. Eventually he no longer needed it, much to our surprise.

Dogs can manage just fine with Cushings, but of course you have to do periodic ATCH testing to be sure that they are not heading toward Addisons. That's important, but you know that already, of course!

Aug 03, 2022
Cushings NEW
by: Dale

Thanks Anne. Buffy is overweight at 24 pounds and is on 5mg morning and 5 mg at night. Her levels are slowly coming down but still had thirst and panting. Hope your baby is well. Thank you for responding.

Aug 01, 2022
cushings NEW
by: anne

our coton was diagnosed with Cushings over 1 year ago- she had all the symptoms - voraciously hungry and thirsty at all times, patches of hair gone, skin wounds appearing - distended belly ..... it was terrible BUT she began taking Vetoryl ( 10 MG ) and slowly got better-to the point where she was back!
( they say dogs can live a long time with Cushings )
good luck!

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