Changing to adult coat too early?

by Michelle

Hi, my coton is turning 6 months in two days, and today when I was grooming him I noticed that he is shedding a lot of hair. I also found small clumps of hair around on the carpet. He doesn't seem sick at all, but isn't it a bit early for him to start now? When I search around I see that they usually start changing coat around 9 months.

I was also thinking about taking him to the groomer for the first time soon, is that okay to do while he is changing coat? Would it make it easier to maintain? It wouldn't ruin his coat or anything?

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Oct 06, 2019
My Coton Hair
by: Deborah

She is going on five months old, her hair is always messy no matter I fully brush her every day. But today after her bath I noticed down her back very short hair as if someone took scissors to her and down her back her long hair. She is not sickly, but does play ruff with our Spaniel. I really do not know what to think Is her new hair starting to come in or do I have a problem?

Jul 25, 2015
Puppy coat changes NEW
by: Bentley's Mom

Yes you should go to a groomer. It takes awhile between the changing coats and it is the worst time. Mats appear within hours of brushing due to the texture changing. If you keep a shorter puppy coat going now you can add less stress to your coton and get them used to the grooming process while the coat grows out. At 9 months to a year you will see it gets easier to keep the grooming up with the help of a detangle, good tool and lots of love and patience. The compliments these beautiful dogs get is worth all the grooming effort. Plus it is good bonding time for the two of you!

May 01, 2015
blowing their coats NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Even when a dog doesn't shed they still blow their coat twice a yr with the weather. If u r finding clumps of fur he needs combed out & brushed. The more mats that r left in their fur when they scratch the can catch their nails in them & get stuck.

Every time you brush them fur will come into the brush & comb either that or it turns into mats.

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