Can't get my dog to eat

by Esther

I can’t get my dog (Pomeranian Chihuaua) to eat her dog food. I buy her different kinds to see what she’ll eat and she chooses not to eat. What can I do?

She’s losing her hair. She’s always very itchy – I bathe her once a week with dog shampoo for dry skin and nothing seems to work. I’m very worried about her.

She’s not my dog – she belongs to my daughter but when she moved out, she couldn’t take the dog with her. I think that’s the problem. The poor dog (Nunu) is depressed because she was sooooo attached to her mama (my daughter). What do I do?

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Sep 08, 2010
Use chicken liver
by: Karla

Hi, I feed my dog Prarie beef kibble. The previous owner gave her Canidae, but she likes Prairie much better. She also LOVES chicken liver. You can bake or boil them. Take a piece and crumble/mince it as small as you can, and mix it with the (dry) dog food really well. don't put too much because the dog may get "loose" if you know what I mean. If you just chop the livers, the dog will just pick out the liver and leave the rest. You need to crumble it as tiny as you can. good luck!

Jun 09, 2010
dry skin? Not eating? Try this
by: Iris Miller

First off, I hope you take Gale's advice and bring the dog to a Vet if your dog is not eating.
Also, the itching could be from dehydration, illness, parasites, fleas or allergies, If it is from dry skin the dog should not be bathed every week because water strips away the natural oils (even if a shampoo says"for dry skin"). A good daily brushing and combing removes the soil and lets the natural oils lubricate the skin and coat. Some good advice for a sick or fussy dog or bad teeth, is to feed them a little bit of boiled chicken unseasoned and cooled to room temperature with cooked rice. Chop it up and moisten in a bit of the broth. Make sure the dog always has plenty of fresh water available to it. Dear lady, you are doing a great kindness caring for this sweet little dog. Good luck with it.
many blessings
Iris and Tuffy

Jun 08, 2010
Help for dog who won't eat
by: Gale

A lot depends on how long it's been since your dog ate. You could be right about your dog being depressed about your daughter leaving, BUT there are many reasons for a dog's loss of appetite.

If your dog isn't eating for more than a few days, it's very important to have him see a VETERINARIAN.

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