Can you guess which pic goes with the description?

by Heather T
(Northwood, Ohio)

Jack is a real goofball. But there are times he gets really irritated with me, especially when I’m on my tablet. When I say he HATES my tablet it’s an understatement. I can read a book, do dishes, yard work, anything. See if you can distinguish what is going on in his fluffy little head in these pictures.

These two pictures may seem to be the same, but oh no, they indeed are not. Lol.

In one photo he is waiting on me to finish dishes. In the other, he is waiting on me to pay attention to him. Look close at those sweet-ish eyes…😂😂

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Oct 02, 2023
Saylor Jane NEW
by: Deb from TN

Saylor Jane hates the IPad and my phone! She will sit on top of them when I am trying to read and refuses to move. You have to love these opiniated little rascals.

Oct 01, 2023
Zeus hates my phone NEW
by: Anonymous

This cracked me up. Zeus is the sweetest dog in the world, but he HATES when I’m on the phone and will use his paws to try to get the phone away from me. 😆

Sep 30, 2023
I can relate NEW
by: Gale

That’s so funny! Lucy gets the same way when I sit outside in one particular chair on the porch. She’ll whine, and keep pawing me until I get up. She’s totally fine if I sit in a different chair. I wish I could read her mind to know what she has against the chair :)

Such funny little creatures!

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