Can you ever have TOO MANY TOYS??

by Carol
(Vestal, NY)

I was counting all the toys my Coton "Pogo" has acquired and I think it's over 50!! Every time I see something cute that squeaks I have to bring it you can see he is a little spoiled. That's what happens when you are an "only child - I mean DOG!"

Pogo is very good at bringing specific toys that I ask for (like Snakey, Buggy or Elephant) and he knows over 10 by name. He will bring them to me but then runs away before I can grab them from him. That's his favorite game.

When we go upstairs to bed I will say "Bring a toy" and he picks one of his favorites and brings it up with him. He never misses a night and it is part of his routine. He is so much fun!

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Mar 02, 2017
I can give you a run for your money lol NEW
by: Anonymous

I am the same as you. Seems everytime I go out I have to bring my Tucker another squeaky toy. Like you, he has a ton of them. The first thing he does is go for the eyes. He has more eyeless stuffies than you can imagine. But when the stuffing starts to come out, it goes in the trash. I also have noticed, that he will dig into his basket to find his favourites. These guys are sooooooooo special to him,eyeless as well, lol

Jun 07, 2016
by: Moonpie

That is a lot of toys!!! Bill loves toys but he and since he was a puppy enjoys them by destroying them! Once I purchased a "dog cannot destroy toy" and I have to admit it took him a week instead of a few minutes or hours. I hate it because he LOVES toys. I can give him a toilet paper roll and he wags his tail and prances around so happy!
But I go to the store, look at the toys, and divided how many minutes it would take him to destroy it by what it cost and it is always too much! Poor Bill LOL

Jun 01, 2016
Toys NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Their is a dog that knows the names of 1000 toys. U should Google it & see if u can do the same. He's appeared on 20 20 & is pretty famous

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