Can Coton's coats get darker?

by Patricia
(Oldsmar, Florida)

My 8 month old Coton, Cooper, had a pure white body with a black and white head. In the last few weeks he's developed a 3 inch wide black strip of black hair coming in. It starts at the base of his neck and goes all the way down to the tip of his tail. Has anyone seen that happen? It's almost like a reverse fading gene. New hair coming in darker.

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Aug 18, 2023
Same here
by: Anonymous

We too have a black and white Coton who is almost 8 months old. He started out as having a face that was mostly black with a white beard, and a fluffy white body with a lovely black spot on the back. Recently he has developed a huge area of dark undercoat several inches wide that runs down his entire back so that he no longer looks like a black and white coton, but just patchy, spotty,and gray. Needless to say, we still love him, but I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been a happy surprise. I liked the white and never expected it to just suddenly go all black and spotty like it has.

Feb 24, 2020
Coat getting bit darker & lighter
by: Kate Tedford

My Coton, Ozzie, is 9 months old. At 2 months when I gout him, he was black & white, about half & Alf, all over. Now he is black, gray, & white. I knew some id not much of the black might lighten or even turn to white & some of it has. But on his back near his tail which had been pure white the hair is turning light gray. There are other areas doing the same thing but in smaller amounts. Has anyone else seen this in a Coton?

Nov 29, 2015
My coton is just the same
by: Neeta

I too have a black and white coton, white body, black face. As she grew from puppyhood to adulthood, she had similar changes as those you mention. Her undersoat along her spine turned black, so she looks kind of grey, not pure white, and her toe nails ave turned black. She is the love of my life :(

Sep 22, 2015
Can a Coton's hair get darker
by: Kim

I, too, have a precious 8 1/2 month old named Sophie who was predominately white with black ears and black around her eyes. The first trip to the groomer revealed lots of black spots around her rear, on her belly and along her back. The new hair growth in those areas is now getting darker. Her paws are flecked with grey hair and most of her toe nails are black. She sure is not white any longer. Kind of looks like she rolls around in a dust bowl. (My house cleaning skills are in question!) And I was concerned she would lose the beautiful black around her face. Not happening and I love her just the same. Just wondering if this is common or if she will loose this new color as she ages.

Aug 11, 2015
dark coat
by: sherry cotton candie

That does seem strange, usually cotons have a fading gene which in time will lightened their coloring. I know mine had dark apricot on ears and spots on back when we got her. She has faded to light coloring now and when first bathed and brushed she looks almost white........I would call and talk with breeder and see if this is common in her puppies.

Whatever color they are a terrific breed and bring so much happiness into our lives. I just love them.

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