Brand of scissors for trimming feet?

Can anyone give advice on what a good pair of scissors are for trimming a Cotons feet? I have looked at but really don't know one from another. Thanks for any advice you can share.

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Jan 28, 2016
Scissors NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Mine r pretty old but u can go to & look at on line catalog or order one for free to compare products together. Now I'm talking about thinks like thinning shears, blunt end etc.. To just trim length of hair on their feet use a pair of people hair scissors.

Still order a catalog I find it comes in handy comparing products, shampoos etc so u can learn the most bang for your buck. Their prices r also cheaper then pet stores

Jan 27, 2016
trimming feet NEW
by: Sharon and Jasmine

if you are just talking about the hair on the feet, I just use regular scissors. Jasmine goes to the groomer every 2 months and they trim her. But when I trim just plain old scissors.

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