Best chewing toy for Coton?


My 15 month old Coton,, Astro, still likes to chew his bed, his blanket etc. So we provide him with chewing toys to keep him occupied and away from destroying other valuables. However, he goes through the rope toy just within a couple of days. Any stuffed toy, he gets the stuffing out in a couple hrs. I've given him anteller, & nylabone, however he disintegrates that or breaks it in small pieces.

What are some of the easy on stomach, not harmful, non-toxic chewing toys that you've used successfully?


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Apr 25, 2018
Tough Toys for Cotons NEW
by: Leslie

I joined Bark Box - Heavy chewers as Casper would decimate every stuffed toy and rip anything plastic or rubber. They have been great, we did have a month where he ate thru the toy and I called and got a replacement that was also chewed thru and they replaced it again.

Mar 05, 2018
Best Chewing Toy NEW
by: AnBarbaraonymous

My Coton is 8 years old. I have always purchased Tuffy Jr. toys for him. They are the ONLY ones he cannot destroy. They are safe and can last for years. If he happens to chew a hole large enough for the stuffing to start coming out I just pull out the stuffing and give it back to him. He does not care if it is flat.
You can get them from Amazon or directly from Tuffy Jr website or other stores. Be sure to get Tuffy Jr as the regular ones are too big for our little guys.
They come in many colors and shapes.Enjoy!!

Feb 09, 2018
chewing NEW
by: Pat

I have a year old Coton named Lily. She is adorable but chews and rips any kind of toy in seconds. I have bought from the cheapest to the most expensive and it makes no difference. Can anybody give me an idea of the best toy to buy, she has a nylon bone but gets fed up with it.

Feb 08, 2018
Best toys NEW
by: Anonymous

I use tenis ball that I put in old sock, or just couple of old socks stuffed inside each other that I can tide up.

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