Bailey's first haircut!

by Dena

Bailey's first haircut

Bailey's first haircut

Bailey will be six months next week, and she got her first haircut yesterday. I took her to a woman that works from home, giving all her "clients" extra time and love so they are comfortable and not scared. Since it was Bailey's first experience, and it really made such a difference. Bailey's fairly skittish, so she needed that extra love. I do miss my fluffy girl, but now I can see her beautiful eyes!

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Feb 15, 2013
Bailey NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

ADORABLE. I understand their is controversity over coats long or short but when Jonah was in puppy coat it matted every 5 mins. LOL. I thought I would go crazy. Today it is still daily because if u wait 3-4 days then their r more mats to have them lay still & work on & he is semi long approx 4". I believe u need to fit ur lifestyle because in then end it is the persoality of this wonderful breed that shines.

The important daily routine is clean eyes, teeth brushed, a couple walks shorter when young to not stunt the growth of bones. Maybe a trip to the dog park. Agility if u like the sport, daily check of feet to make sure jaggers or stones do not get caught in the pads of the hair on their feet & certainly the time to play & work on a trick or two. This alone in a busy scheldule & can be time consumming.

Of course u can use angel eyes which shoud not be a continuous medicine but as in medicines they all have side effects. Even for us. Teeth r important because of the maltese in the breed.

All & all just my opinion but when u see the smiles daily on their face & the happiness of the tails in excitement of spending time with u Priceless. So short or long, white or multi colorored they r a treasure to have in our lives & family.

So Bailey u r beautiful & here's wishing u & ur owner a wonderfully fun day & to all Coton owners. Jonah & I just finished our breakfast so we will wait a half hr. then head over to the dogpark to both visit other dog owners & doggie friends. This is our Fri. ritual so Happy Friday.

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