Who are backyard breeders?

Should you buy your
Coton de Tulear from them?

Backyard breeders is the term applied to those amateurs who are breeding and selling dogs without a plan. They decide to mate their dog for fun or profit without necessarily having the knowledge about the specific breed and their potential genetic problems.

coton de tulear

While many of these breeders love their dogs and have good intentions, it is not in the best interest of the breed to bring more genetically untested puppies into the world when there are already a devastatingly large number of unwanted homeless dogs.

This “less than desirable” breeding only perpetuates the rising severe pet over-population problem we have in this country.

Unfortunately some of these breeders don’t put the best interests of the dog first. The breeder’s ignorance often leads to dogs with expensive medical problems or temperament issues resulting in people having to give them up.

Common characteristics of backyard breeders

They don't show their dogs and are not involved in the breed clubs and organizations – most good breeders are very involved in dog shows and clubs. 

They are ignorant of genetic defect problems – This is probably the biggest giveaway that you’re dealing with an amateur, since the best breeders are experts on the breed and take genetic testing very seriously. All breeds have some defects that can be passed on. An amateur backyard breeder may claim there are no defects to the breed or that his/her puppies are free from defects, but how can this be true if they have not done genetic testing? 

They don't have proper documentation – There should be documentation from a vet that both of the parents are genetically free from health problems common to the breed. 

There is no introduction to the puppy's mother – Be VERY wary of a breeder who will not introduce you to the puppy’s mother (the father is often not available since they don’t usually live in the same home as the mother). 

The puppy hasn't been properly socialized – If the puppy hasn’t been socialized properly this is a huge red flag. Good breeders know that socializing a new puppy is one of the most important things they can do ensure a happy thriving dog. A new puppy should be handled everyday and should be exposed to other people, children, various noises, other animals, and as many different situations as possible. 

They can’t produce references and won’t provide a guarantee – Once again, good breeders will always have references and provide a guarantee for their dogs and will continue communications with you even after you’ve taken your puppy home. 

Look out for anyone who breeds regularly for money – Good breeders strive for quality, NOT quantity. The backyard breeder will sell to anyone who has the cash, whereas a good reputable breeder will interview you to ensure the puppy gets a good home.

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