Are Cotons good swimmers?

by John Unsworth
(Fort Worth Texas)

We have a 3 month old male and we have a swimming pool. Obviously at this age we watch him very closely but we still worry about him falling in the pool. I would like to teach him to swim and make sure he knows where the steps are to get out.

Anyone have experience with this? Any opinions on what age to start swim and safety lessons? Or should I just train him to stay away from the pool? Thanks much for any advice!

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Jul 09, 2018
Are Cotons good swimmers? NEW
by: Anonymous

Much thanks for y'alls comments!
It is appreciated.
I guess Pat & I share the same concerns about him knowing where the steps are and how much added weight is there from their long hair? How long can they tread water???
Ya know they don't get much traction from those little legs! LOL.
So far, our three month old has no interest in getting close to the pool, but I'm sure it's on his list of adventures.
Thanks again,

Jul 07, 2018
Cotons swimming NEW
by: Pat

My neighbor told me it was important for our dogs to know how to swim over to the steps of the pool to get out of it if they should accidently fall in. We have a pool and I, too, was concerned that my Coton would fall in. I did take her in the pool and let her swim over to the steps so she could find her way out. My girl, Rhylie doesn't mind water, but she was nervous in the pool. She always runs around the edge and looks in. The only thing that concerned me about her in the pool is that with all her hair it weighed her down. She is only 7 pounds and with her long hair wet it is an added weight on her. I just make sure I watch her good when she is near the pool. I do think it's good for the Cotons to know how to swim to the steps. I think it's a natural thing that they know how to swim.

Jul 06, 2018
Swimming with Cotons NEW
by: Iris

My dog Tuffy Coton did not like to swim. He jumped toward me in the pool,did the doggy paddle to climb up on me in the pool to get away from my sister's dog sparky the Chihauha chased Tuffy around thev pool .Sparky liked to stand with his feet only on the first step to cool his paws.
He dudn't liie a bath either but he was okay for a rief shower with me,

Jul 05, 2018
Swimming NEW
by: Anonymous

You don't have to train him. They can swim but I have an impression they don't like that. My coton will never jump into the pool but if I throw him there (in fact I don't do that), he finds his way out

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