Apartment dog ?

by Barb
(Pensacola Florida)

I love my Abby. She is 22 months old. She is very well behaved and has been to formal training classes four times. My problem is she goes bezerk without warning, meaning she acts like she’s gonna tear your head off. Since this happens without warning. it is very hard to control. She only does this when I am around. My friend says she’s protecting me. She also thinks she needs a yard to run in and a young family. I am single and in a high rise condo. I do take her out five or six times a day including a 30 minute walk. I also play with her indoors. Help! Does anyone else have this problem? I do t want to lose my Abby!

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Apr 02, 2021
Abby NEW
by: Moonpie

Abby is a cutie. You didn't make it clear if you are with someone and her when this happens or alone.
First of all I don't think you need to get rid of Abby, nor her problems being you live in an apartment.
I would check with her trainer about this.
I have had a hard year, been gone and lot and exhausted when I get home. I just come home and collapse. My dog Bill began acting out, tearing up books , papers, all kinds of things. He would bark and bark and me and even jump at me. It was getting pretty bad.
So (still not doing the greatest) but I am walking him, and I mean not a little, long distances. When you take her out do you just take her out to potty or go on a long walk.
I have been trying to walk Bill once a day and though it isn't everyday right now several days a week. He sets a fast pace the whole time. I do 14 blocks and he could go further! Cotons are very very active little dogs and need play time, (chase the ball, etc.) Bill is 10 and people think he is a puppy. After I started this he is calm again at home.
It may just be a case of needing more play and exercise time. What ever you can give can help.
Please please don't get rid of you baby because of where you live. Lots of Coton's live in apartments.
Would love an update from you.

Apr 02, 2021
Ask a vet or trainer NEW
by: Anonymous

I would go to a vet or a professional dog trainer and ask, saying everything you just said.
They would know what was up and how to fix it.

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