Another house training question

by Natalie

My Coton just turned a year old on Nov 22nd and I still keep her in the crate because she refuses to be house trained it seems. As long as she is in the crate and we take her outside within a 6 hours window, she doesn't have an accident in the crate.

When she is outside the crate we have to watch her 100 percent of the time and take her out every 40 mins to an hour, or else she will just sit there and circle to poop in front of us or just squat and pee. It is so frustrating!

Can you please give me some ideas how to help her become house trained and not have to keep a eye on her 100 percent while she is out of the crate?

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Dec 10, 2015
Potty Traning NEW
by: Sharon and Jasmine

I know potty training can be a pain but I trained Jasmine by the time she was 6 months. She had a few pee accidents. I let her outside within 5 minutes of eating. She is fed twice daily. She has never gone to the door to let me know she needs to go. Now I just ask her and she starts running in circles so I know it's time. She has never soiled her crate. She is only in her crate at night only because I don't trust her and my sneaky Siamese cat running around at night. She considers her crate "her bed." She also has a bedtime of 10:00 pm. I never used the pee pads. Instead of watching her constantly, take her outside, and if she does her business give her a small treat or toy to play with. And above all else, PRAISE her. Good luck.

Dec 09, 2015
potty training NEW
by: Linda

Our cotton Morgan is per per pad trained it was very easy, it worked for him. When I take him to my daughter's house I just show him where I put down the pad and he never forgets to use it. He will per outside before getting in car but otherwise if it's cold outside he won't set foot outside. It works for us and we never created after that.

Dec 09, 2015
Potty training NEW
by: Anonymous

It is work. We do have to Constantly watch. Any training comes from consistency..praise ...then comes the fruit of a full potty trained Coton pup...very smart dogs. My 17 month will go to door & bark to go potty or come to me & tell me... Hang in there keep watching keep training it will come.❣

Dec 09, 2015
potting training NEW
by: Lulu & Socrates

Socrates only stays in a crate at night. During the day, his crate door is wide open for him.

Since she does not mess up the crate, she needs to understand the house is also hers too. What we did with Socrates are

Play with him inside of house for 10 to 15 mim, then take him out. We talked him to go potty until he went (playing did make him to go potty).
Then we played with him outside (his favorite game of fetching). Sort of rewarding him with playing.
When we comes into the house, he gets a treat.
It works overtime. It took only two weeks for him to get the routine down.

I hope it will work out for you too.
Good Luck

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