Aggressive towards other dogs

by Raymond
(New York)

My Coton is about a Year old. We have another who is 13! They get along well enough but the younger coton is incredibly dog aggressive. If another dog passes on a walk, or a friend brings one to play in the yard she will go wild. Barking, showing teeth, aggressively trying to mount to show dominance. My first coton is a gentle girl. Any suggestions for this temperament?

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Nov 27, 2020
Look to Control, not Eliminate
by: Becky

I've had the same problem and while she seemed very angry and aggressive, if given the opportunity to meet, she would settle right down and sniff and meet nice, but she sounded like she was going to bit the head off the other dogs, which really bothered me, was embarrassing. I have since learned Coton's naturally alert, it is in their nature and shouldn't attempt to completely eliminate, but control it. My Nala will get one bark and then 'enough!' I started with the command 'eyes on me' when on walks, I would try to get her attention before she noticed the other dog and with the 'eyes on me' command, I became a pez dispenser with the treats. She eventually learned, whenever she would see a dog, if she looks at me first, she gets a treat and she learned if she keeps attention on me the treats keep coming. She still gets treats, this is a long haul training, but now she notices the dog, looks at me, gets a little squirrely, then back to me for a treat. She seems to like when I notice she is doing her job and letting me know a dog is coming. I've seen other have great success using the 'leave it' command for the same problem.

Nov 23, 2020
Females can be aggressive too NEW
by: Anonymous


I had 2 male of those dogs -Lars - was the sweetest dog but he sure could stand up for himself. The other male Coton, Abner, was very insecure and we had to separate the dogs because they would fight. Abner felt very threatened by Lars because of early experiences - we think he was separated from his litter too early.

Now, I have a female Coton. I was expecting sweet and gentle but she is anything but. She can be sweet but she can also be quite aggressive. For example, my husband puts out her food and now she is incredibly protective of him to the point that I have gotten bitten for raising my voice...because my husband can't hear well. My Maggie has an insatiable appetite and food seems to be her main concern.


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