Advice on nervous/anxious Coton

by Vids
(New York, New York)

I have had a 14-15 weeks Coton male for about 5-6 weeks now. He is very anxious and nervous. For example, I created a little play area for him in the living room and he does not explore further. He does not enter the bedroom from living room. Furthermore, when I take him outside in my arms (As he is yet to be fully vaccinated), he tolerates it - but when I put him down anywhere, he trembles and freezes. Sometimes he stops taking treats. He does not really smell or explore a new surrounding.
I am looking for advice if anyone had such a nervous puppy because training him for anything outside the home is a challenge as his anxiety is sky high. Breeder was not able to help much. Trainers also do not help much and just keep saying it might be genetic. h
He has a playful personality and I believe his quality of life is HUGELY limited if this anxiety stays so high. My quality of life will also be hugely limited if I can not take him anywhere.
I want to help him and I want to help me, so looking for any real life experiences from anyone on this forum

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Feb 20, 2022
Flower Essences or Homeopathic Remedies NEW
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your Coton might benefit from something that would help ease the anxiety. You can try something like Rescue Remedy for Pets. It should be available at most Whole Foods or health stores or you can order it easily online.

Jan 27, 2022
Building Confidence in your Coton
by: Anonymous

Your puppy may have lost some confidence now he/she is no longer with Mum and litter mates. Use lots of encouragement and praise for even the tiniest bit of boldness and always be consistent with what you say and do as they learn by repetition. Try not to pick your puppy up or give any type of praise when he/she is scared as you will be rewarding the behaviour that you don't want. Your puppy will eventually gain confidence and trust in you as you will be showing there is nothing to be scared of. If you have any Puppy Socialising classes in your area I would strongly advise you find a good one to go to. Puppies need to meet each other and they gain confidence from watching and playing together. Hopefully if it's a good trainer running the class, they should give you sound advice if you are unsure of what to do in certain situations. Cotons are so clever and learn so quickly, once you have established the bond and trust you will never look back.

Jan 26, 2022
Kennel-Jespersen Contact NEW
by: Gita, Washington DC

Sorry, Brigitte Jespersen has changed her web site to
I've personally contacted her with some questions regarding Coton grooming, and she responded with valuable advice.

Jan 26, 2022
Cotons are not city / apartment dogs NEW
by: Gita, Washington DC

Hello, Vids! I'm guessing you are living in an apartment in that city that never sleeps, yes? The truth is - and so I was warned by at least three reputable Coton breeders - this precious breed is not well suited for city / apartment living. And, yes, I've learned it the hard and expensive way for the past 7 years since Luxor joined our family.
Cotons are prone to separation anxiety; and they are highly intelligent and ... very human-like.
Meaning they possess and/or exhibit some of our best and worst qualities. [American] veterinarians nor dog trainers will be able to help you simply because they are not familiar with the breed, and, frankly, they don't care. So, perhaps wait until your Coton is fully vaccinated and then start introducing him to the outside pleasures. Don't leave him alone (are you retired, working from home?) I found the best food for my Coton was Orijen or Acana dry kibble with some cooked meat - chicken or turkey - 50:50. Well, Cotons are Royalty (Royal Madagascar); so, we have to treat them royally... By the way, there is a book I keep handy - "Grooming and caring for your Coton De Tulear" by a Danish Coton breeder Brigitte Jespersen. You could try and get in touch with her. Website:

Jan 26, 2022
Address anxiety NEW
by: Anonymous

Some ideas - licking mat. Some good things to chew on. My female coton loves bully sticks which are really expensive. She chews thru them like nobody's business. There is a lot of info on the 'net. I work with Cathy Madson online. I recommend her to help you find ways to address your wonderfull little pup's anxiety.

Jan 25, 2022
How to help anxious puppy NEW
by: Sonny

Don’t give up. I also had an anxious puppy due to breeder not socializing him properly. He was scared of noises, cars, people - even my husband. The good news is that he turned out to be a great dog who is pretty well adjusted. BUT it took a lot of time and patience. Keep getting him used to new people, places and situations. Make it fun and reward him like crazy.

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