About weight of puppy.

by Winifred
(Cape Cod MA, USA)

Is my puppy Underweight? She is 9 and one half months now and she weighs 8 lb 6.4 oz. She has only gained 4 oz in the past month. She is a picky eater. According to the vet she should be getting close to 300 calories per day but I have difficulty getting this into her. Presently eating well on Primal Pronto at 64 cals per oz. Your advice would be much appreciated.


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May 07, 2018
weight of puppy Flossie NEW
by: Winifred

I have just checked the breed standards for Cotons and Flossie is above the lower limit.

Because she had not been eating well I started calculating her food by the calorie requirement for her size, age and weight. It seems to me to be a much better way than the imprecise cup amount quoted on most dog food packaging. She is now happily eating Primal Pronto which has a high calorie content per ounce, so I am not now so worried about her weight, though I do still wish she would put on a bit...

May 03, 2018
About weight of puppy NEW
by: Pat

My Coton is 2 and a half years old and weighs 7 pounds. She is free fed and eats how much she wants. I can not force her to eat. My vet said that there are all different size Cotons and I have one of the smaller sized ones. She is healthy and happy and in great shape. I take her to my Vet every 6 months and they feel she is doing great. If your Vet feels your puppy is healthy and fine then I wouldn't worry. Also, if your puppy is eating the food you are feeding her now, just keep an eye on her and see how she does. My puppy had gone through episodes where she refused to eat and I tried several different foods and find one -Purina Beneful Incredibites for small dogs. She loves it! My Vet approves.

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