A Big Thank You - Jonah

by Vicky & Jonah

Today is my anniversary of the day I came to live with my mom in 2008. I can't believe I will be 8yrs. old this Dec. 6, 2015. This is the 1st Coton site my mom found in my puppy yrs. She would like to thank all of you wonderful people for their terrific input & help. She would also like to Thank Gale for all her hard work keeping up this site.

Not much is ever new but we still visit Foothills Dog Park to play w/all my doggie friends & walk everyday. It is pretty hot here in Arizona right now & I can't wait to get back to cooler weather. This is my mom's 2nd post b/c the 1st one she tried she screwed up so she tried a short one to practice.

Please let us know how all you Cotons are doing & if anything is new? I'm still my mom's only Coton but have any of you gotten a new brother or sister? I always have doggie sleep overs b/c the kids think our house is a doggie day care for 2 Boston terriers & a terrier mix. Again thank you for all the wonderful posts that we have enjoyed so much receiving in our in box. Love Jonah

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Nov 16, 2016
Cut above NEW
by: Sue and teddy

Thank you for the link to the web, I will give it a try. We haven't found the right shampoo yet that stops the fluffyness so hopefully the site will give us some choices.

Nov 15, 2016
by: Vicky & Jonah

I've groomed Jonah ever since he was a puppy. If u mess up their hair grows fast. U can buy product & equipment @ ryanspets.com. Order a catalog over web. I'm pretty sure they ship globally. As always use a prepaid credit card for safety. I trust no sites anymore even kohls.

Bridgette Jesperson (I think) has a good grooming book. A little pricey but so is a grooming bill. Also their r lots of Facebook sites for Cotons that u can ask questions. Good luck

Nov 14, 2016
Thank you Jonah NEW
by: Sue

Teddybear says a big thanks for your comments. He has just turned 2 years old and he lives in France. It can get very warm here in the summer but very cold in winter. His mummy trims him herself cos she can't speak the language to find a hairdresser for me. So it's hit and miss wether I can see or not. But I love her all the same

Jul 26, 2015
Thank you NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Thank you all for your wonderful summer news. It is so nice hearing from my other Coton friends. My mom also tried loading pics but has a hard time. She tried it 4 times & she thinks another one worked but cannot find it now. She did learn if someone posts 2 pics & you touch it w/your finger & the pic on top changes.

So Luc, Coco, Cotton, Tuffy & Jasper have a wonderful end to the summer & b safe. Hopefully the skunk story never happens again. When my mommy grew up in the east unfortunately thous skunks have a habbit of coming back.

Have a wonderful day.

Jul 21, 2015
Happy Times with mommy! NEW
by: CoCo

Hi Jonah, my name is CoCo and I just turned one. My mommy hasn't even had me for a year yet cause it took me almost three months to find her!

My mommy spoils me rotten, loves me to death, protects me well, and is wonderfully creative in listening to my communication skills BUT holy smokes if I run out on to the street chasing squirrels, raccoons or skunks - all hell breaks loose. I've found it best just to listen to her cause I hate time-out sessions and her ignoring me for long. The last time I didn't listen to her the raccoon, with baby, attacked . I WON THE FIGHT!

Just before that my skunk friend skunked me. Mommy wouldn't let me sleep in her bed for a whole week.

Does your mommy ever say the garbage truck will take you away if you run onto the street?

I think my mommy knows best. No Street!

My mommy was wonderful for my FIRST birthday. She gave me a dancing dress costume and an outdoor birthday party with balloons, blowers and hotdogs to eat. Ten doggies visited and all my favorite people friends. I danced on two legs for each guest including the Post Man who delivered me my very own birthday card!

(My mommy would post a picture but this site says our pictures are too big.)

I have no puppy mate but my mommy promises me a girlfriend to date when I'm old enough. I kiss boy dogs so I'm not sure about those girls to date. Mommy says we'll have Coconut Fluff Balls if I kiss a girl. I'm not sure how that happens.

I kiss my mommy, right in the mouth, when I need to go early morning PeePee. It's the only way to wake her. Who needs puppy mates?

Happy birthday Jonah for being with your mommy so long. Kinda fun, heh?

Jul 20, 2015
Big thank you NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Hi Jonah, good to see you again and congrats on your Anniversary, I know your mommy loves you sooo much! My name is Cotton and I have been with my mommy over 4 years, she loves me a lot and I am very spoiled. When I was two she got me a older rescue to play with but she had been in a puppy mill and was very scared.

I remember your mommy gave mine some good advice and it has taken years but she is kind of normal and happy now. She loves
me and does not like to be out of my sight. She loves mommy also but not too many others. She is 8 years old like you are.

I do not like to be outside when it is hot. Mommy bought me a
stroller and when we walk I like to ride in it off and on. My sissy
does not, only if I am in there with her and it is too crowded and
she is bigger than me so I do not want her in there.

My favorite things are tummy rubs and chewing on my bones that mommy buys for us. I love to swim, sissy does not. Do you like water/swimming? I got chewed on at a dog park by a mean dog and mommy doesn't take us there anymore, it was nasty anyway and I always had to get a bath when we got home.

Mommy can't send our pics on this site anymore because it says they are too big, she doesn't know how to make them smaller or I would love for you to see me and my sissy.

Your weather is very hot, mom just got us shorter hair cuts but she likes the long hair better. I think I am cute no matter what
I look like. Try and stay cool and tell mom to post a birthday pic
of you in Dec. Enjoy your walks.

Jul 20, 2015
8 years Aniversary NEW
by: Iris

Happy Aniversary Vicky and Jonah.
With love from Tuffy and Iris

Jul 19, 2015
Congratulations Jonah! NEW
by: Leslie and Jasper

8 years certain,y is a long time but I am sure that there are many more years to come ! Congratulations to you both. My Jasper also has brought such love in my life. Although he is not pure blood Coton, we identify him as Coton. He certainly has a personality. We got another really short cut right before July 4. He had a red white and blue Mohawk which received oodles of comments. I missed his fur though and I cannot wait until it is a little longer Jasper has 3 girl dogs that belong to my friends and he and them get along great. He has no interest in sex so maybe this helps he is the best dressed pup around and he loves clothes but he is not wearing many now. Unless we go to dinner. I'll try to upload a pic of him in his waiter outfit. Happy summer to all!!!

Jul 19, 2015
Happy Anniversary NEW
by: Gale

Happy Anniversary Jonah. You are a handsome boy.

Luc just got a puppy cut for the summer -I will upload photos as soon as I learn how to use my new camera :)

I found a great pet sitter at Dogvacay.com while I was on an Alaskan cruise earlier this month. He had a great time - beautiful home with big backyard and other dogs to play with. Unfortunately, he wasn't groomed like he is at home, so he came back with some matting. Nothing that a puppy cut couldn't fix and I guess it works for the Florida summer. I do love him in the longer hair though.

He bonded with one of the dogs at the sitter's house and it got me thinking about getting him another dog. We'll see...

Hope you have a great summer!!

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