9 yr old female coton de tulear is very aggressive with other dogs

My 9 yr old female Coton is very aggressive with other dogs no matter what their size. How can I break her of this problem? We have alot of friendly dogs in our neighborhood. I'd like to see her play with them. What can I do to stop this behavior problem?

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Jan 20, 2012
Sudden problem?
by: Anonymous

I'm wondering if the aggression is something new or is it something your dog has always had a problem with. If it's a new behavior, there may be a good reason for it such as a medical issue or a major change in lifestyle.

Jan 20, 2012
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

Has ur Coton always lived with u? Do u live near a dog park? 9 yr. habits are hard to break. U can teach an old dog new tricks some are more of a challenge then others.

At 9yrs. I have not seen to many happy to have a young dog jumping around them. Usually an older dog content in its home life is not open to bouncy.

A suggestion to try would be to invite another companion breed into ur house 4yrs. & older. As the dog enters ur house treat ur dog w/small bites of hotdog.

Most dogs will venture over to greet u & when they do treat ur dog as much as needed. U may find ur dog is munching some of ur finger harder then u may like. This is because they are nervous, scared, upset.

Remember they are allowed. It is their territory. Keep treating or squeeze a toy something that settles there focus back on u.

If u go to pet the dog remember to pet yours 1st & keep on petting yours as u pet the visitor. If u go to treat both dogs for doing so well u treat yours 1st. It is his house. If he was visiting the other dog would go 1st just as a dog pack goes.

Worse case is he may attack so be prepared to put a leash on him or have one on to begin. Keep ur hands off the leash until the 1st sign of trouble. If trouble grab the leash & with a sharp AH AH remove u & ur dog to another room out of the sight of the newcomer.

When calm drop leash & walk back to ur company treating. Treats mean good things. U want him to see the company as a good thing. If u can do this for 1 to 2 wks. straight 10-15 min. a day u are on ur way.

Let him get use to 1 dog at a time. Remember boil the hotdog to rid of salt. 1 slice gives 4 treats. Hotdog slides down the throat easy not to choke. Do not use hotdog for any other behavior until u fix this one so they work harder for this treat. Good luck, lets us know how it goes.

Jan 20, 2012
Dog Aggressiveness
by: Anne Glenmoore

We adopted our coton and are waiting for our second one to be cleared by the vet. We love this breed. The only time we saw aggression in our Molly was when we first brought her home and we introduced her to our daughter's Golden Retriever mix, a very large dog. Molly became aggressive when our daughter's dog took her bones and toys, etc. There was a stand off and they worked things out. Otherwise she is the social butterfly of our neighborhood and never shows anything but happiness when she encounters people and dogs. Your dog may be very protective or is feeling threatened.

Jan 19, 2012
aggressive coton
by: sherry - COTTON

This is really unusual for a coton to be this way, has she always
been aggressive? Has she been attacked or frightened by another
dog?? Has anything changed to upset her little routine?

I had never even known about cotons until i saw one, but i did
alot of research on them before getting one, nothing i ever read
indicated aggression. Is she neutered? Sounds as though she is
feeling threatened by something, or trying to protect her human

I have no answers but if none of these things have happened to
alter her life i would suggest getting her into dog obedience. Is she new to your family? Good luck and please let us know what you
decide to do and how she is doing.

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