6 month old Coton

by Sandra
(Arrington, VA, USA)

My Coton is 6 months old --- potty training went great when we brought her home. We started doing some remodeling in the house to one room and ever since she has times that she doesn't go to her potty pads. Also she started having to pee more often if people are around or if she is in a different place. She is so particular that she will only pee on a pad once and when I put the new one down, she has to pee on it immediately - as if to mark it. Is there something to be concerned about?

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May 22, 2021
6 month old Coton NEW
by: Anonymous

It is not acceptable that Coton is not behaving and using good potty habits. Mine is falling back since she got spayed. I know she is capable as when she came home from surgery she was using pee pad as she always does but once cone is on head to keep her from licking incision she pees and poops on floor. She uses pads then doesn't. This is not acceptable as she has used potty pad with cone but then decides she won't use potty pad. When she pees and poops on floor then she goes to her crate. After a while I let her out if she pees or poops on floor again to crate she goes again. They are very stubborn and manipulative and want to be the alpha dog and call shots. This will not fly I cannot have a dog poop and pee all over my floors. They are smart enough to know better but the stubborn behavior is very challenging. The cuteness goes away when they act out like that. I had dog checked for any medical condition to rule out any and all medical issues that may be causing the pee and poop on floor and she has none so the behavior is strictly misbehaving and acting out for wearing cone like a spoiled child. I have to sit in chair and watch her like hawk when she is out of crate because if I turn back she is sneaky doing bad things. How do I know she is sneaky? She watches me and the minute I look away she does it. No other dog I have ever had has been so stubborn and sneaky so it is very challenging for me and my patience is wear thin at this point. As some other posters have given in to behaviors of they like this and that I cannot do that as my house will suffer with the smell of pee on wood floors and carpets and it will cost me thousands to repair damage if she doesn't potty train. I have to confine her to an area of the house which is difficult as I have to stay in that area in a chair watching and watching and watching. Basically I have no life at this point its depressing. I don't have problem with separation anxiety with her just potty issues.

Jul 22, 2015
Pee Pee Pad patterns. . . NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

CoCo uses his PerPee pads only once. If there is even a little pee on them he will NOT use them again. i place two pads on the floor. He reserves one for his poo and the other for pee. If either is used he'll find another room to go to (on my carpet!).

I've learned to keep the pads changed at ALL TIMES.

Recently CoCo quit using his pee pee pads altogether. He reverted to three messes ON MY BED! I was freaked. He never did this prior.

I study his behavior patterns regularly. Was there stress? Was diet changed? What upset him?

Awe, I got it. I installed TWO NEW CLOSET DOORS right beside his pee pee pads. I went from reflective mirror doors to white glass doors (non reflective). I then OPENED the two closet doors (as they were regularly open prior) and his pee pee pad habits returned to normal.

For some strange reason Coton's resist change. This is good to know in puppy training. Do the SAME thing each day and the Coton puppy will hold that pattern forever.

As for a used pee pee pad? Well, CoCo woke me too early a few days ago. I told him to use the paddies as mommy was still sleeping - no morning walk yet! But CoCo wouldn't stop licking my mouth - a sign he wants outside NOW! I was so tired, I just said "CoCo, if the paddies are full just go use the

He left me alone thereafter and I fell back to sleep.

A few hours later I got up to go pee pee myself. Right in front of the toilet was CoCo poops! (yes the pee pee paddies were already used). Just amazing!

I think to myself, if this dog is that intelligent to understand brand new commands spoken only once in a sleepy voice, then they must be equally sensitive. . . Sensitive to stress, sensitive to change.

As for markings, my CoCo will INSTINCTUALLY mark his area so I ensure to expand his area OUTDOORS! Even if we travel, I allow him to make his markings OUTSIDE! Most owners with issues of markings inside a home is because the dog is not permitted to go outside.

Coton's sense of WHERE THEY ARE is as to their markings. I ensure CoCo's HOME includes a vast area including a yard or garden outside. I remind him each day "this is your home" so that he has a sense of a yard and a house as his "home".

CoCo (age one) does not do markings inside the house!

Jul 16, 2015
pee pads NEW
by: Iris

Tuffy only pees once on his pee pad and I replace it,then pretty soon he goes a little more. He goes when I take him out several times a day and seems to think I expect him to do that on the pad because he barks once to call me to see what he did. I go look and praise him then he brings me his Kong for me to give him a treat. He's got me trained.
Tuffy is 7 years old and had calcium oxalate bladder stones and had surgery to remove them but needs to be on special food and those stones could come back, I want him to use the pee pads so I can check for blood, crystals, and stones.
Make sure your dog is drinking a lot of water. It's very important to keep the urine diluted to prevent kidney and bladder diseases
Love , Iris and Tuffy.

Jul 16, 2015
6 month old NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Hi Sandra, Sounds to me like you are very lucky your little one is using the pee pads so well. Mine only use them one time also, which from what I read is the way most of them do....As for peeing more often that may be because of the changes and new people in and out of your house. When they get nervous or upset they do pee more.

Just watch the color of the urine to be sure no blood or odd color is on the pee pad. Seems you have a really special good puppy. Good luck.

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