10 week old Coton snaps when he's disturbed

by Debi

Our 10 week old Coton has snapped twice when he's been sleeping and I've had to move him. The first time he was sleeping in my lap. I went to put him down so I could start dinner. The second time it happened I had him sleeping next to me while I was reading. Again, I had to get up so I went to move him. Why would a 10 week old pup act like this? What can I do to remedy this behavior? I had an 18 year old bichon who passed away 10 months ago. In 18 years he never so much as grumbled, never mind snapping. Is this a potential problem?

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Dec 27, 2018
Playful Puppy NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Pat. He is the cutest puppy I've ever seen, and so smart and playful. We are enjoying him so much. He's made our Christmas season brighter. He hasn't snapped again. I now talk to him before I go to move him. Maybe I was startling him and he thinks we're a littermate about to climb on his head, but snapping isn't a behavior I want to ignore. When he gets too aggressive in his play, I tell him no and stop playing with him. If it continues, I put him in his playpen to cool down. Of course, he goes back to playing rough after a little while and everything gets repeated. He plays until he's totally exhausted, then naps for a couple of hours. Peace!

Dec 26, 2018
Coton snaps when disturbed NEW
by: Pat

I have a Coton that is 3 years old. She doesn't like the word "no". When she does something I don't want her to do and I say "no" she gives a little growl. It's not a mean growl, but it sounds like she's saying "I don't want to hear that". When I question her about the growling and say 'What did you say" she then crawls up next to me and is all lovey. I don't let her get away with it and reinforce good behavior. She's not mean or nasty, just never liked the word "no". She'll even give a little growl while she's kissing us. Maybe it's her way of talking. I don't know if these dogs get annoyed when they are bothered or sometimes just want to be left alone and that is their way of telling us. I just always try to reinforce good behavior.

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