Worrisome sounds

by Lisa

Hi there! My Coton Gigi just turned 14. I’m very worried about her as she has developed this very weird new condition. I’ll try to describe and look forward to anyone who can help. Out of no where she starts making a sound like she is dry heaving. It happens on and off throughout the week. Sounds like she needs to throw up but doesn’t. She did only once and it was a white foam with brown her food is brown. It’s not a honking noise and not a reverse sneeze sound. Best I could describe it is like she’s dry heaving. Only happens for a couple seconds. It’s happened twice already today and it’s morning. Please, looking for answers!!! Lisa

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Mar 12, 2020
Wish they could talk
by: Kirsty

Hi have you had her tested for intolerances. Mine is 14 this year and is now on a special diet, after suffering similar sounding episodes. My dog also had a bad upset stomach needing antibiotics . When she didn’t get better, we did the food intolerance testing. She’s been on her new diet over a year now, she has stopped throwing up, dry reaching ..foamy puke and all gastro grumbling.
I still don’t understand why she suddenly developed these intolerances, but was assured it can happen in a dog at any age.
I hope you find the solution, as it’s worrying when you don’t know.

Mar 09, 2020
My sweet Pirsche NEW
by: nancy

My sweet Porsche, will be 16 in July, but she continue to get skin problems. It is like little bumps, we have. Amen her to the vet umpteen times, so has been on alllergy shots and meds for a while. i can’t believe she is doing well as she has. We have only recently started having problems with her. I think she may outlive my husband and myself. She does sleep a lot, but to be honest, she is. In good shape.

Mar 02, 2020
Dry heaves need vet diagnosis of cause NEW
by: Anonymous


I don't know what could be causing this. But let me tell you of our experience with my sweet Lars. He had a problem with vomiting and there may have been some dry heaves as well. We had him checked and there was a benign leiyomyoma at the base of his esophagus. This benign tumor had to be removed because we were told that it would continue to grow. My poor Lars had a terrible experience with surgery and developed pancreatitis which led to kidney failure. I do blame the vet for this too much detail to go into here.

My suggestion would be to get the cause properly diagnosed. My second suggestion would be to get a second opinion before going for surgery.


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