Where to put self grooming funds?

by Susan
(SW Virginia)

We are about to get a Coton in two weeks:) We are first time owners with a 9 year old daughter. We homeschool and are pretty busy. We'd like to try to do the grooming ourselves. First, which is more work - a long coat or a puppy cut? We have limited funds. I'm not sure if I should focus on good brushes and shampoo with an eye towards a long coat or get a good pair of shears? I'm a little nervous about the whole thing! :) Any other must have items for a new Coton? Thanks!

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Apr 11, 2016
Coton grooming NEW
by: Clara

I'm not sure what you've decided to do with regard to grooming your Coton, but thought I'd share my experience. Our Coton Pebbles is eight months old and has a full coat. I've never clipped her or sent her anywhere else for grooming - I've done it myself, every day since we brought her home at 9wks. My main advice to you if you want to keep your Coton in her full coat (it is beautiful and you'll never get far on your walks without people wanting to find out about her), brush a little every day from the time you bring pup home. At first, you won't 'need' to brush anything, but getting pup used to the tools you'll be using and sitting on your lap/on a table will help you enormously when the coat gets thicker and longer. At eight months now, Pebbles will happily sit for about 45 minutes while I groom her every day. It's a huge commitment, but a Coton with a full coat is truly a beautiful site to behold. You won't regret it :)

Mar 26, 2016
Long or short hair? NEW
by: Gale

Have you signed up for the newsletter? It's free and includes an e-book with pretty basic info that every new Coton parent should have. As far as grooming, the good news is that nothing is permanent. If you start out keeping the coat long and then find it's too much work, you can always cut it. And if you go short and don't like it, it will grow back.

It's normal to get a little nervous with a new puppy, but try to relax and enjoy the experience. They grow up so fast!

Here's a very informative post from several of our visitors:


It has lots of good info on grooming products and great tips. Good Luck and we'd love to see pictures when your new Coton arrives.

Mar 26, 2016
by: Vicky & Jonah

Their is a really good info page on this site in the newsletters on grooming. U can also join Coton de Tulear Facebook page which talks about it & Cotons in general.

U can also find good you tube videos on grooming a Coton. Also if u go to AKC page on Cotons they talk on grooming.

If u go to RyansPet.com u can also order a catalog & trimmers etc. The catalog has much more then they show on the site & the stuff is 30-50% cheaper then pet stores. B4 investment do some homework on places mentioned that will help u not buy unnecessary stuff.

I found a wide comb @ $1. Store, that I still use from 8 yrs ago. A wide comb, reg teeth, & good small pin brush is all you'll need starting out till pretty much 6 months. Puppy shampoo will work for their playing in mud & such.

Congrats on your new Coton

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