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Cooperman and me

Cooperman and me

IF you have a well behaved dog, let them spend time together, the established dog will go about his business, and the newbie will copy him, you do the fine tuning.

I 'd like to know the best food, then I decided he'd eat 2/3rds the same that I eat: scrambled ground turkey or chicken, broccoli and he gets sweet potatoes, well so do I. He also has some health dog food from Bark'nPurr, in Austin,Tx, (best pet store anywhere)

I've tried most brands, most types, dry, canned, fresh and cook it like Liver. I like the turkey best. I'd suggest to puppy people to feed them what you have in your home. There are food sites, homemade works for us! He was "Mr. fuss" what, you expect me to eat this????? Also, he eats better after playing with me. When the "Attitude shows up, we play and he's out of it"

P.S. About food. I check dogfoodadvisor for recalls, and if they are legitimate or other. I'm not recommending it, just take a look. I did give Cooper the hide chews, too dangerous,,,could choke. There are many other occupying chews. I only give him treats when training.

hug your mugs!

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