Small dog vs Big man!

by Veronica Wordell
(Little Compton, RI)

My husband has always been a "big dog" lover. His claim is that all small dogs bark at nothing, making them "yappers". I have wanted a coton for about ten years and had the opportunity to get my way when we lost our beloved golden, Andy, last year.

Elly was my Christmas present last year. It took her about one day to capture my husbands heart. She is not a yapper, and loves everyone in my family (includidng my 8 grandchildren) unconditionally. My husband is totally in love with his beautiful princess. I have never had a dog that has more love of life and humans than this little bundle of coton. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why when I tell people her breed they say "what?. I guess I am just lucky to know about this breed.

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Nov 19, 2014
Elly NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Such a wonderful story. It's always nice to hear happy family endings. Happy Holidays to your family w/includes Elly.

Nov 15, 2014
Coton indeed rule! NEW
by: Marcia

My Beau is my first dog. I could not have a dog growing up because my mother was afraid of them and my father did not like any animals. When I got Beau 3.5 years ago, my mother agreed he was a cute dog, but would not go near him. Within 6 months, he had her wrapped around his paw. He is spoiled more than her human grandchild! She has bought beds for him, asks about him all the time, and even paid for his grooming when I could not due to financial issues. The dog that was not allowed in her home now has his own equipment there when we visit her. She even allows him to give her kisses. Cotons rule!

Nov 13, 2014
Elly and big man NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

So glad after all those years you got your beloved Elly!..How can anyone not fall for this wonderful breed. They are so much more than the so called "little white dogs". So much love and personality in them, they are just amazing.

I only found out about them because I happen to see one at a dog show. (I fell in love with the look) but after reading about them and doing some research decided I had to have one. I have always owned at least one dog but NEVER have I had one with this much
devotion and funny antics....They are almost human in some ways and we are very fortunate to have them.

How great Elly loves everyone and the grandchildren, my husband loves our girls as well. He had never in his life allowed dogs on the bed until now------Cotons Rule!

Nov 12, 2014
I agree NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree I do not know why this breed is rare.

Nov 12, 2014
Big Dog Personality NEW
by: Heather and Domino

We always tell people that our "little cotton" dog has a "BIG" dog personality. It is so true. Glad to hear that your coton is adding joy to your life! (and you're right... people haven't heard of them!)

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