Should I get a Coton de Tulear puppy or an older dog?

by Mamie

I wonder what your thoughts are about adopting an older Coton de Tulear dog from a breeder. This is a dog they originally were going to show, but it grew a little too big at 7 months. He is 7 months now, and although he won best of show at four months, he can no longer compete.

What are the ramifications should I buy this dog instead of a puppy? He is already neutered, and nearly potty trained. He is also well socialized...but other than that I haven't personally met the dog. The breeder is in another state, so I would have to go pick the dog up personally...just a short plane ride though. Your thoughts?

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Mar 27, 2010
Is a puppy right for you?
by: Gale

It really boils down to 2 things - what are
your specific wants from a dog? and Do you have trust in the breeder?

1) - If you are not interested in showing the dog and you just want a family companion dog, then an older dog (7 months is really still a puppy) could be a great choice. It really just depends on your needs. Young puppies are adorable and a lot of fun, but they are also A LOT of work.

2) - Regardless of the age, getting your dog from a reputable breeder is essential. Make sure the dog is healthy and check out guidelines on interviewing the breeder.

Good luck finding your Coton Dog. I hope you'll get as much joy from this wonderful dog as I have.

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