Searching for a compassionate groomer for our Georgie!

by Stacy
(Westport, CT)

Hello fellow Coton lovers!

Real quick--I am actively looking for an experienced, compassionate groomer for our almost 2yr old Coton. We live in Westport, CT (Fairfield County). I have come across groomers, but he looks like a poodle or they do a generic dog cut on him and/or shave him...never what we initially expect.

Does anyone know of a great groomer? He wants to run and play with our two big he needs regular grooming.

Now for a bit about our little guy. I am thrilled to have found this website and blog. We have an almost 2 yr old Coton named "George". He's also known as "Georgie", "G", "Super Chunk" and at times--"King George"!

He was added to our family in August 2010...five months after I lost my sister to cancer. He is truly a gift & has helped me in my toughest moments. Animals are amazing that way, aren't they?!

I named him "George" because it was a fun way to remember my sister's big crush on actor George Clooney! I thought of "Clooney" initially but quickly changed it to "George" when several people thought I named him "Looney"! I got tired of correcting them ;-)

I'll post some pix soon but I wanted to see if anyone has any recc'd for a groomer in our area. A mobile groomer would be terrific since we have Georgie, our two Newfies and an indoor Persian, but I'm willing to drive nearly any distance for someone that's terrific!

Thanks so much in advance...

Stacy & gang

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Oct 19, 2012
Coton Cut
by: Anonymous

Hi Stacy,

I'm sorry to hear about your sister, and you are right dogs are wonderful companions. I also have a Coton and live in Chappaqua, NY. I have found this wonderful groomer for my Merlin. She has a room next to her garage and does all her grooming there. It's pristine clean and I have given her name out to so many people, because when people see Merlin and the cut he has they fall in love with it. She lives in Armonk, NY. Please let me know if you would like to contact her. Good luck.

Jun 03, 2012
thanks so, so much!
by: Stacy

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to send me suggestions, advice, etc. for Georgie. It was awesome to find another Coton family here in CT! We have a Coton lover in Bristol!

I plan to purchase some of the books and grooming tools that've been suggested. Ultimately, I need to know how to properly brush him, etc. I have heard good things about a local groomer--"Canine Creations", here in Westport. She has a small shop downtown and asked me lots of questions, as I did of her. She's groomed Cotons, as well as Havenese and other smaller breeds, mutts, etc. Would it be off-putting to ask for the Coton owners contact info for references?

She is booked for three weeks (a good sign, I suppose!) and suggested I take him elsewhere right now if I felt he was getting matted...and then book an appt. with her for 3+wks out. This way he'd get in her schedule without becoming a mess. She was reluctant to recc'd any place in particular, however, b/c she couldn't be 100% on their service.

My experience to share:

We got a recc'd for "The Dogfather", a mobile grooming service. Three years ago we had them groom our Newfies and were very pleased. They came over late Friday and did a terrific job with George. They respected my wishes and kept his hair the same length, but carefully trimmed out some matting around his neck (from the collar), hind quarters and belly. They ran out of time and offered to return yesterday for the Newfies. Both Tinkerbell and Wally look phenomenal with their summer cuts. These two groomers stayed from 1pm-6pm to finish last night! Very fair pricing, and we gave them a big tip for their efforts. If you view their website, you'll see they have spotless vans, good products and the owners have a professional background in dog grooming. Tinkerbell has had hip replacement and two knee surgeries (all prior to age 5!), and they have special equipment to help ease her during the process. Wally, the other Newfie, didn't like being groomed after 1/2 way through (he had a mohawk at this point!), so they groomed him outside of the van, in the shade, on their knees!

I'll let you know if I'm happy with Carmella over at Canine Creations for George. She only works with small dogs, so the Newfies will get groomed with The Dogfather.

Hope this helps someone else out there! Again, thanks for the responses.

Jun 01, 2012
Wishing you luck
by: Anonymous

Hope you have good luck finding a groomer. My boy's hair is cut just as you want yours, and it looks wonderful. I was fortunate to fine one here (Illinois), but on a trip out of state I had to take my Beau to a different groomer. She had him looking like a puff ball when she was done. I don't know who was more or him!

Make sure you take a picture with you of what you want, and emphasize you do not want your boy's hair fluffed.

May 31, 2012
King George
by: Anonymous

It really helps to take photos with you to any groomer so they know exactly what you want. My groomer really appreciated the photos since she wasn't familiar with the breed. Who is, right?

May 31, 2012
Stacy &gang and George
by: Iris Miller

Welcome and congratulations to having a Coton added to your gang. I am sorry for the loss of your sister, and glad your Coton is bringing love and compassion, they are experts that way. If you look back at past comments ( I have added many about grooming nightmares). I live in Bristol, CT, and after many unhappy groomer experiences, and that includes mobile groomers 2 x, almost the worst experiences for my Tuffy, all I can say is good luck with your search. When I did find a good groomer I told her to give my dog the puppy cut but leave the ears and tail long, dont even cut the tail at all. That was the best length to maintain, especially in summer. Too bad that particular Groomer moved away, and like hairdressers, never allowed to leave a forwarding address.I have been self grooming for a while now.I wish you the best of luck and continued joy with George.
blessings and love,
Iris and Tuffy Coton

May 31, 2012
by: Tessa's Mom....

I have a two yr. old coton and I have struggled to find a groomer that I thought did a adequate "coton" trim. She would always come back looking like anything but....
Then I found this book "Grooming and caring for your Coton De Tulear" by Brigitte Jespersen and Helle Sydendal (website, It is excellent!! It's very informative with a lot of graphic pictures for a step by step guide. I am retired so I have the time, I must say not everyone has that luxury. I do find I enjoy the bonding time and she is so GOOD!!

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