by Linda
(Gatineau, QC Canada)

Scruffy is a sweet happy 4 month old puppy! He makes my heart smile every time he looks at me with loving eyes as he tries to makes sense of what I’m saying! He’s going through a nipping and pulling stage! Those razor sharp teeth do a lot of damage, and so, while we are seeing some progress, we look forward to this stage of development being over.

He keeps us young and laughing! We are thrilled to have expanded our family with this adorable pup!

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Dec 28, 2023
Puppy phase NEW
by: Gale

Congratulations on your adorable new family member. So cute!!!

I remember those biting and chewing puppy days. It feels like it will never end, but before you know it they’re grown up and you miss the crazy puppy phase - even the nipping.

The best way I’ve found to deal with the biting is to have plenty of chew toys and chew treats available and redirect when they start nipping at you. You can find some more tips at

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