Reputable Coton de Tulear breeders

by Gale

I just had to share this with visitors who are looking to find Coton de Tulear breeders. I think this story is all too common.

I recently received an email from a visitor asking for guidance on whether a breeder she was dealing with was reputable. The breeder was over 1000 miles away from her which made things a little more challenging.

She was torn between the cute photos of the puppy and her intuition that was telling her that something was wrong. In this case, the breeder was feeding very low quality dog food, wasn't clear on the types of vaccines the puppy received, and most importantly, she was extremely defensive and even somewhat hostile when asked specific questions about these things.

If you are getting red flags that something isn't right - it probably isn't. Your intuition is a very useful guide to help you decide if the breeder is reputable.

NO Reputable breeder will get upset if you ask a lot of questions about the puppy; they WANT you to be informed and are happy to give you as much information as you need. If a breeder gets defensive or angry when you ask questions about the puppy or the puppy's conditions this is a very clear indication to back away.

Never feel apologetic or worry that you're bothering the breeder by asking questions. Caring for a new dog is a big commitment- ask as many questions as you need and walk away from anyone who won't take the time to answer you. Most good breeders will also ask YOU a lot of questions because they are just as concerned about their puppies going to a good home.

If a breeder is more concerned about making a sale than the health and well being of the puppy it is definitely a sign to walk away - no matter how cute the puppy is.

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