Rambunctious Giuseppe

by Elena
(Lincoln, MA)

Our Giuseppe is now 10 months old. It's hard to believe how much he's grown since we adopted him at 10 weeks old. He came to us with a bad case of Ringworm from a breeder whom started out trustworthy but then was sneaky about his 'patches.' We took him anyways and went straight to the vet. After nursing him through this itchy ordeal for two months he was finally Ringworm free right before Christmas.

He and I share a birthday (July 13!) and when I heard that was when he was born, it made me want him even more. He is feisty, loving, grumpy, boisterous and so playful. He comes with many personality traits! While he was a breeze to house train and crate train, his behaviors have been harder to deal with...but we're on to our second trainer and we hope he can help us manage his resource guarding, leash-pulling and high-strung personality. He can be a fearful and anxious little guy which I think makes him rather challenging to train. However, we are slowly but surely getting there with him but it's hard because his is in his 'teenage' years. This is even hard on me because I have two kids who are just starting puberty! Aaargh!!!

Giuseppe loves dogs and people but can be tough on his family sometimes. He challenges us at times but we know that we have to be in control at all times! We have to stay one step ahead of him always!

His anxiety can give him a nervous stomach so after playing with digestive enzymes, probiotics, (he's raw-fed..Primal Pet diet) we broke down via the vet's suggestion and started him on Pepcid 2 months ago because his appetite dropped.

He's now a heavy 13+ pounds, hates the heat but loves the New England cold ( why, I don't know??), I'm assuming he's almost full-grown. He can be a pain-in-the-butt picky eater except with treats (hhhmmmmmm), and thinks he is a Rottweiler. He prefers large dogs over small ones, flips on his back whenever he sees us, and jumps so high we can almost see face to face. It's nice to be here!

Lincoln, MA

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May 16, 2015
Zak George Facebook page NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Zak is a very positive trainer & has a series of free videos that might help you. You may recognize him he used to have a show on animal planet. If your Coton is only 10 months he is still basically a puppy you still have many changes to go through on personality & attitude.

Even though you have a trainer you might like to view his series of videos to pick up other perspectives. Cotons r smart & they pick up things quickly & if you make a mistake they r very forgiving to work w/u to recorrect behavior.

One thing to be sure off they respond to positive training & do not respond to harsh training ex. dog whisperer methods.

May 13, 2015
Thank you NEW
by: Elena

I appreciate your feedback and I hope your Coton fills such a space of love like our's does!

May 12, 2015
Giuseppe NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Congrats on your baby and glad you took care of the ringworm problem. Sad that the breeder would allow him to go untreated and try and hide the fact.

He sounds like an active puppy and many of his traits seem to be like mine. The more I read about cotons the more I believe they are almost a mold of each other, most are very picky eaters, they do not like being alone and are very protective of their humans and territory. They love their belly rubs---hence--they flop over all the time. I think its cute but have almost fallen several times with this little white fluff under my feet. lol

When my girl starts pulling too much on the leash I stop and make her sit. When we start out again and she does it again -we stop. Usually this will slow her down, she had bad habit of pulling and wearing herself out in just a few minutes.

Mine hate the heat as well and I just moved north from FL. They like the cooler temps and enjoy walks again. They are filled with personality and to me this makes them unlike most other dogs, mine gets quite vocal when she does not get what she wants. Like your little guy they like their treats (but not all treats). picky on them as well. I feed raw in addition to fresh select vital and boil chicken parts for them once a week.

What are the trainers telling you to do? 10 months is pretty young, sounds if the potty and crate problem are good you are fortunate. Hang in there and you will have such a great loving dog, Good luck with your boy, sorry this is so long.

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