Puppy Personality-How to pick a puppy when you can't physically see the pup

I will be purchasing a Coton puppy from a breeder in another state. I have to choose a young puppy just a few weeks old and not weaned yet. I cannot physically visit the pup so I was wondering if anyone knows at what age you can start telling what their personality will be like? What questions I should be asking the breeder?

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Dec 01, 2020
Picking the right puppy
by: Gigi

Hi...great choice—Cotons are the sweetest, funniest, best companions ever!!!

So my breeder had us choose at 5 weeks because their personalities are starting to emerge. That said, I also think a lot of personality traits are learned and with proper training and attention you can sort of "mold" your pups personality to fit your family (cotons need a lot of attention.)

Of course some dogs are more alpha, there are generally differences in personality between males/females/neutered/spayed/intact pups. I would ask for your breeders assistance. Describe the characteristics you’re looking for. I told my breeder I wanted a smaller female Coton with a more calm personality. The puppy I ended up with was the more daring female, the smallest and super friendly. She has turned into a sweet calm def "not alpha" (her bestie is half her size and takers food out of her mouth.)

Just know these pups are very trainable, but don’t like to be left alone. They also require a lot of hair maintenance. They are beautiful tho and mine loves everybody and every dog and cat she sees.

Good luck and congratulations on choosing a wonderful companion.

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