Puppy Cut Question for a Coton

by Rose

My first 2 dogs were a Westie and a Cairin Terrier. Their coats were so that I could have groomer do a VERY short puppy cut - almost a shave on the body and little longer around the face. What I'm understanding from a Coton they don't have that undercoat, just hair or fur that needs trimming. So can a Coton get that VERY short puppy cut or some some of the hair/fur not get cut so it's not their skin showing??? Hope I'm asking this question correctly.

Guess I want to know how short a puppy cut can a Coton get.

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Sep 25, 2019
Puppy cut NEW
by: Deb in TN

I get my 6 y/o Coton cut every summer in a puppy cut and then let it grow out in the winter. Her puppy cut is very short and it does not affect the way her hair grows. She is soooo hot natured that I have to keep it short in the summer or she is miserable. I think she's much cuter in the winter with the long hair but I believe it's all about their comfort. So I bite the bullet and cut it off. Hope this helps!

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