Puppy aggressive with 4 year old

by Craw

We have a ten week old coton from a reputable breeder. The pup is super smart, confident and fun. She seems easy to train and has an endearing, sometimes almost terrier-like personality.

Our one concern is that she seems either too rough or simply uninterested in our four year old son: she doesn't yet cuddle with him the way she does with us. Is this a puppy phase, in that she thinks of the tyke as a litter mate and just wants to roughhouse? The problem is that he over reacts, so they get into a cycle. Pretty soon she's either just nipping and growling at him or ignoring him.

We really want this great little dog to be a wonderful companion for our son, and will certainly wait it out or do whatever is necessary to make it happen. Thanks for this site. Awesome resource!

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Apr 06, 2014
Coach your son NEW
by: Verona

Since your son is quite young he needs to be taught how to interact with a dog gently and appropriately. I agree with the other person who responded to this by stating that a child should not be left unsupervised with a dog, especially a puppy. Some children get overly excited and treat pets like toys. Your dog is sending a clear message that he does not appreciate the way your son is interacting with him. Spend time with your son to teach him how to handle and play appropriately with a dog. Remember to closely supervise him at all times.

Mar 24, 2014
Puppy Phase NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Puppys r here there everywhere they jump up on kids & go go go. Their attention span last about 5 minutes & their off to something else. This is as annoying on kids as adults when it time to watch tv.

Their teeth hurt which is also hard on both US & kids. Get a puppy nylabone for them when they need to use something to settle down other then that Get 3 toys & take turns throwing them & teach them to bring it back by squeaking another to help work on their energy.

Take a couple short walks other then that ur 4 yr old & Puppy will work It out. Never leave the 4 yr old alone thou since they r not always gentle as they r learning also. Puppys & kids should always b supervised so the both learn proper behavior toward each other as they both r kids.

Enjoy ur New puppy.

Mar 19, 2014
Puppy aggressive with 4 year old NEW
by: Anonymous

Babies, toddlers, and young kids many times make dogs nervous. I would start with having your son feed your puppy treats so the puppy associates your son with good things.

Here is a great resource for children and dogs: http://familypaws.com/

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