Our Princess Poppie

by Allan
(Tucson, Az)

We acquired our little princess Poppie as friend to our aging Skipper an older gentleman , Bichon, we had for over 10 years with another housemate Patches whom was with our family for over 17 years. Unfortunately, we were forced to put Patches down and immediately saw Skipper as a very lonesome yet loving family member. Poppie was just what was needed to pep up the old boy. Poppie being only about 3 months old was a real puppy full of excitement, curiosity and cuddles.

My wife and I decided to retire a couple of months before adopting Poppie, with my wife returning to Denver about 6 months ahead of me joining her and Poppie and Skipper. During her first months she was in Denver we had numerous snowstorms, that Poppie LOVED, many pictures were of both of them romping in snow with Poppie completely disappearing at times then Popping (hence her name) back up with as much excitement a young puppy could have!
Poppie bonded with her new housemate Skipper the Bichon, and became a real mama's girl.

One of the unique things I've found is her eyelashes continue to grow, and are over an inch long! Our groomer once cut them, but standing orders are to leave the flutters alone.
We share our time now between Tucson and Colorado mountains, which the dogs Love. Last year, we had an experience where my wife was returning home from an afternoon walk (up in Colorado) to find a full grown bear in our driveway. The dogs spotted the bear ahead of my wife, began barking and growling, scaring the bear to turn and run! I now consider them as her fearless defenders!

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Apr 07, 2016
Princess Poppie NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

She sounds adorable. All breeds of dogs find a home in our heart & r special & a Coton certainly helps fill the void w/love, laughs,antics & just plain seeing their smiling face every day. Thanks for sharing. 🐕🐩😀

Apr 07, 2016
Eyelash Envy NEW
by: Gale

Thanks for sharing Poppie with us. She sounds amazing, and quite brave. I'm not sure if Luc would bark at a bear or hide behind me - probably both :)

I'm not sure if you tried to submit photos (they can't be too large), but we'd love to see pictures of Poppie, especially of her long eyelashes. If you have problems posting photos you can email them to me and I'll post them.

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