Our coton only wants to eat alone in the dark

(Avon, Ohio, USA)

We have a very assertive (not aggressive) cat when it comes to food who WILL, if allowed, eat ANYONE'S food, including humans. The cat and dog belong to Mom who is 86. The dog wants to ONLY eat her food in the dark in another room from anyone else. When we put her food in another room with her, she also does not like anyone to watch her eat or appear to watch her eat. Should we continue to let her eat in a separate room? We do this, assuming she feels intimidated by the cat.

The cat is a friendly, gentle cat who, like most cats, does not come when you call her. She will eat the coton's food unless we separate the dog from the cat. Is letting our dog eat in another room okay or do we need to take her to see the vet? Thanks for your answer.

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Jun 11, 2018
Eating in the dark NEW
by: Carol and Pogo

Well this would be a great question for Cesar Milan! I have a few questions about the quirkiness of my Coton also.

But it does sound like the dog is afraid the cat will steal his food.

My "Pogo" eats so fast that no one would have a chance to steal his food. He has also been known to pull things out of the garbage. He's a naughty boy!!

Jun 10, 2018
Cotons like privacy NEW
by: Anonymous

I think you are right. Cotons have their own privacy policy... and they don't even use the internet! Ha.

Now that you mention their need to be private, our coton, if we don't get her outside in time, will "do her business" privately in a back room.

So, I think I will just leave well enough alone and keep putting her in a private room to eat. Thanks for your feedback.

Jun 09, 2018
Cotons NEW
by: Anonymous

Nah, vets don't know anything, waste of money.
My first thought was "leave the dog alone, cotons could be very private". But then I have a suggestion, move the dog's food to another room but don't watch him/her eating (and keep the cat away). My coton doesn't like me watching him eating as well (and before being housebroken, in my experience, many puppies-cotons pooped in hidden places, like behind couches, etc., so nobody could watch them)

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