Nipping and biting

Lately our 3 yr coton is starting to nip at smaller dogs.

Not sure why he feels the need to protect us. Today I had him obey my command to sit prior to meeting the smaller dog. When i thought it was safe he appeared to nip at the little dogs nose. Not sure why he showing this sign.
He has met other dogs and is comfortable with dogs he does know. He gets outside about 3 or 4 times a day. Today I brought him in the house and timeout was given. Any suggestions

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Jul 18, 2016
nipping dog
by: Lulu & Socrates

Most of Coton Mom and Dad must play with their boys and girls.
It looks that you do take him out a couple of times a day. But just going out may not enough for your little one. I think that your boy is really smart and trying to tell you something. If his health is good, I think he need to interactive play such as fetch, tug and hide and seek. When my little one gets bored, he starts to nipp and bite the lawn. Then I know he is bored and needs my attention. As you know, Cotons are ultimate playing machine, so we need to spend time to play with him.
One more thing, you can find a doggy play group for him.

Good luck with your little one.

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