Newly adopted adult Coton Only Loves Me - Will this improve?

by meaghan

I adopted an almost three year old male Coton from a breeder. We have had him almost two months. The problem is he only loves me. He puts up with my husband. He just started taking food from his hand a while ago. He barks and growls at my son and girlfriend. He is afraid of most people. a lot of growling.

I have my husband, son, and girlfriend feeding him. When guests come in the house I give them snacks to put on the ground for him. I have been taking him for walks and parks to help get him use to people. I even stand near volley ball games and basketball to get him use to people. He is great with dogs and my cat. We have guests over on a regular basis.

He pretty much just wants me and only goes out to do his business when I am home. He is really great in a lot of ways but I am hoping to get him used to people. I have been doing it slowly. I have seen some progress. Looking for advice. I feel like I will not be able to leave him over night with others. I think it is because he only lived with his sweet breeder and lots of dogs as his pack and never had to deal with visitors on his own.

I will be getting him neutered and signing up for doggie classes hoping it will help. He is so sweet, but only to me. Do you think it will improve in time ??

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Aug 23, 2015
Bonding NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Jonah is really close to me. He likes & listens to Jeff but... If I go for the weekend he really is fine thou. We walk, feed, talk, take them for rides & usually that's just how it goes w/any breed.

As far as the quirks that r surfacing b/ c he's new that just takes work since your not sure how they were treated b4.

Dogs r forgiving & Cotons r a companion breed so your work will pay off. Good luck

Aug 20, 2015
Barking @ strangers NEW
by: Renee & CoCo

CoCo is one year old. He's a supurb guard dog. He barks at strangers until I introduce them by name. If they are friend I add the word "Aunt" or "Uncle" or "Cousin" to their name. Even a dog, I ask the name and introduce them to CoCo and CoCo to them. I tell CoCo who they are to me, a neighbor, a friend or family. I explain a few details. Once I'm done the introductions by names, and categorize them by family, friend etc then and only then does CoCo know how to place, respond, jump & play and/or kiss.

My CoCo will bark day after day, until I introduce him.

I love it! If I don't know a person, or don't wish to associate with a certain neighbor, I just don't introduce by name. CoCo stays away from them!

How sweet.

When CoCo was little, I introduced him slowly, only a few new people a week, per say.

Too many new people too fast is too much. Slow down until he gets comfortable with his family first, one at a time.

Talk with him, explain to him who they are to you, introduce him, one at at a time, slowly over time.

With my mom, who came to live with us, I gave her the morning feeding, I did the noon and evening feeding. She did the night snacks.

Share the feeding, keep the ritual the same.

CoCo won't do his business with anyone but me. I'll start him on two of us at a time, soon. Then he'll go with either. But it's a slow process and these dogs don't like to be rushed. They go their own speed to change or adapt because they are small, scared, vunerable and very sensitive.

Go slow, one at a time.

Aug 19, 2015
Only you NEW
by: Julie

When I got my little coton as a puppy, she only bonded with me. My boyfriend began spending more time with her, and after a year she began jumping in his lap. She still will only potty four me. If I'm not home, and family comes to let her out, she will stay on the stairs and bark. She protects her home.

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