New puppy questions - separation anxiety, sleeping etc.

We are bringing home a Coton puppy very soon. I have a few questions for all you seasoned Coton owners.

I work from home part time so I will be with the new puppy a lot. I would like to know:

-how do I make sure the dog loves my husband who will only be with him at nights and on weekends? I have a friend whose new puppy won't go to her hubby and barks at him. (I also have two kids but they will be home a lot more and so I hope this won't be an issue with them)

-because i will be home so much how do I ensure that the dog will be OK when I do go out (to the gym, grocery or to the movies)? I am worried that because I am around SO much he won't learn how to be alone and will be very sad every time I leave him. Should I separate him from me occasionally when I am home so he learns to be comfortable in his own space?

-I would prefer to have him sleep downstairs in the house rather than in my room. I am a super light sleeper and I know I will wake every time he moves. Does anyone have their coton sleep outside the bedroom? How do I make this a successful and happy experience for him?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Sep 25, 2017
Tips to help anxiety NEW
by: Anonymous

Our puppy never cried when left alone. We got this stuffed animal dog which had a pouch in it for a little battery operated heart and a warmer. We also sent a little blanket that we each slept with (husband and myself plus daughter) to the breeder a week before we picked him up. The breeder also sent us home with a bit of the blanket. BUT he did sleep by our bed. Now, I have heard of moving the crate little by little each night until he is out of the room. We tried it for a bit and it did work but in the end we just let him out at night.

We also got a pheromone collar (adaptil) for him which has helped a lot in terms of anxiety (we have a barking issue). You might want to put that on him/her before you leave the house. Also, it took me a long time before I left him but when I do, I leave him a massive tasty treat. He knows I'm leaving but he still prefers the treat so I figure he can't be that stressed I'm gone.

Best of luck with your new puppy! They are amazing!!

PS- there aren't too many people our puppy doesn't love so if your husband bonds with the puppy through training and tricks they will become best friends. Yes, ours slept for months on end as well but now seems to be wide awake around 10pm!

Sep 15, 2017
Separation/sleeping arrangements. NEW
by: Anonymous

I am retired so obviously am around a lot.
I found that my Puppy slept a lot; they need that for healthy growth and development. She soon got tired after play, bonding and training. I would then put her in her crate in my kitchen and then slip out to do my shopping, meet up with friends etc. In her crate, with her favourite toy and a pee pad she was fine. On coming back I would make a lot of fuss, play with her and she was fine. Initially my outings were no longer then 2 hrs but they increased as she got older. I now leave her for up to 4 hrs and she is fine.
Re sleeping arrangements: my Puppy always slept in the crate in the kitchen. Only now, at 10 months have I allowed her to sleep in my bedroom in her own bed. I am a light sleeper as well but that doesn't seem to bother ether of us.
Hope that helps.

Sep 14, 2017
Sleep Arrangements NEW
by: Jane

Our Pip sleeps in the kitchen. Has since day we got him. Had a cage for him, comfy pillow, toy. He got used to this quite easily. ❤️

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