Need tips for finding a groomer for Coton de Tulear puppy cut or teddy bear cut

by Sylvia
(Georgetown, Texas)

I live in Georgetown,Tx. I have a new Coton in our family. Emmy is 8 months old. I want her cut in a puppy/teddy bear cut.

Her first trim was perfect. Second head cut was a disaster She had a Matt in her beard so groomer cut her face clean. No side mustaches and top knot cut. Just so frustrating. Groomer thought she was evening up her face since she cut beard the rest of facial hair had to go.

I’ve called 10-20 groomers in my small town. I cannot find any groomer that will trim her with scissors and blending shears. How can one find a more top level groomer to achieve my little girls perfect hair style? I am going to start calling grooming schools tomorrow to try to get leads. Sorry this is so long but so happy to find your website.

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Feb 17, 2024
coton hair NEW
by: Anonymous

Static is the worst to prevent and the matts it creates. I find that if using sweaters etc, use 100% cotton fabric or yarn. Acrylic fabric create havoc on their coats.

I have two cotons and I have yet to give them a puppy cut. It takes away from the beauty of their coats and their character. If anyone wants that poodle cut or bear cut, get a poodle or bichon. Dont turn a Coton's coat into something else.

A cotons coat should be trimmed only with scissors. They should not end up looking like they are wearing a tutu. If a groomer doesn't know how to groom a coton, look eleswhere. They do not have an undercoat so they will feel chill and the longer coat protects their skin from the sun and helps to keep them cool in the warm weather and warmer in the winter. Otherwise in the winter a non-static coat or sweater will be needed.

Feb 14, 2024
Facing same grooming issue
by: Leela Rani K

We live in Atlanta, GA my Coton Blue gets matted hair some times
Tried different pet salons they are not knowledgeable about the breed so the groomers treat him like a poodle or other small breeds very frustrated with this
Blue clearly shows he doesn’t like some salons so I’m very particular about his grooming places
Anyone from Atlanta with same breed can please suggest a good grooming place that has coton grooming experience
Thank you all

Feb 14, 2024
Groomer NEW
by: Bill McCall

We live in Lakeway, TX and while I realize its a bit of a drive from Georgetown, we use Woof for our Coton. They are the best around our area.

Feb 14, 2024
Finding a good groomer NEW
by: Gale

Most Coton parents have had this challenge at some point. I know it can be especially frustrating if you live somewhere with limited grooming choices.

When I moved a few years ago, all the local salons seemed to have the same 1 inch all around setting so all little white dogs looked alike with the same haircut regardless of breed.

I finally posted my request for the puppy cut haircut I was looking for in a local Facebook group and I received a couple of responses from groomers who were able to help. You can do a search on Facebook for local groups in your city/town/neighborhood. Often small businesses use these groups to advertise.

I’ve also had better luck with mobile groomers since I could be in the van during the haircut to could give input during the process. But mobile grooming is more expensive (quite a bit more where I live), so that’s something to consider.

And of course, many of our visitors decide to do their own grooming. It’s less expensive and you have control over the outcome - but it takes time to learn how to do it yourself.

Hopefully, others will chime in with advice. And we’d love to see photos once you find the right groomer and the right cut.

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