Need help with Coton feeding difficulties

by Lauren

Luna is 6 months old and the most adorable dog ever. She just hit 8 pounds and is basically done growing, so she's on the small side. But we're having problems with feeding her. She loves food and will eat nearly anything, but it's more getting her on a schedule that's the problem.

We started off letting her graze, because that's what we had done with all our previous dogs, no problem. I switched her food from Iams to Halo because I wanted to avoid the by-products. She liked Halo better than Iams, but soon she started having problems with vomiting. She once vomited three times in one day, for which we immediately took her to the vet. He suggested feeding her 1/4 of a cup twice a day. We started that, and are currently in the process of switching her food once again since she threw up another time after we started the scheduled feedings.

Lately vomiting hasn't been an issue, but she's not completely switched over yet. We don't know if Halo didn't agree with her, or if she just overindulged. We also talked to the people at PetSmart and one of the foods they suggested, since we wanted something easily digestible, was Nature's Recipe. That's what we're currently switching to.

However, our main problem is that she acts very hungry. Like starving. I've fed her a little over the recommended 1/4 cup for the past few days and she still seems to not be getting enough. Whenever she eats, she'll continue to lick the bowl after her food is gone. She goes to her bowl to see if there's food in it several times a day, and seems almost dejected when there's nothing there.

Obviously, like humans, dogs have different appetites Is there anything we should do differently? Should we feed her more? Try a different food, see if it's more filling? But we've changed foods so often ... and the vet isn't really sure, because he's never dealt with this breed. Any suggestions? Please help. I love my dog to death, and I really want to do what's best for her and her health. THANK YOU!

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Dec 01, 2011
Feeding difficulties
by: Suzan

I had food issues with my coton she was eating pro plan chicken and rice since she was a puppy she's now 2 1/2yrs old and has no problem eating. I noticed her stools were soft & having problems pooping & sometimes she would vomit.I decided to change her to a grain free food which helps the food digestion. This has helped my coton she no longer vomits and she doesn't have problems pooing and her stools are normal.
Hope this helps anyone that has problems with food not agree with their coton. Good Luck

Nov 20, 2011
food issues
by: Anonymous

I, too, took Oliver, off of all grains. He had been getting sick so often, I decided finally that he had allergies. Like a miracle. I feed him meat and veggies that I get from frozen at a natural pet food store. To this I add NOW!!!, a grain free kibble that he thinks is a treat. I supplement with raw veggies instead of chewy bones. He likes variety (don't we all?) so sometimes I give him egg or cheese with his regular food. He usually eats twice a day, but sometimes only once. I offer food am and pm. Dogs thrive on veggies and protein, not grains and fillers.
Good luck.

Nov 20, 2011
Allergies and feeding
by: Anonymous

Tolo had similar issues. First, we switched to Adult food a few months early. It didn't work. He would vomit every few days or more often and then not eat for a few days. Very distressing. I have a friend whose child is allergic to grain and it made me think what if Tolo was, too. I decided to switch to grain-free, immediately. He had been sick so often, I felt it wouldn't matter to not do a gradual switch. The effect was almost instantaneous. Oh, and he wasn't done growing until almost 1 year. He is now 16 months.

If it is a training issue, I suggest putting food down two times a day for 15 minutes (with a timer). Take it away when the time is done. Some dogs simply don't care about food. But, they will eat when they are hungry. For many reasons, Tolo has been to the Vet many times this year. As long as his weight increased or remained consistant, the Vet was not concerned.

Good Luck!

Nov 20, 2011
I had the same problem with my Coton
by: Marg

Hi! I had the same problem with my Coton when he was 8 months old. I was told Cotons vomit if they don't eat in the morning and again in the evening.

This is what I do now and it worked and works like a charm.

In the morning I give my Coton 1 piece of a small boiled chicken strip, chopped up in small pieces and 1/4 cup of his food - Innova small bites. I also add a little warm water and mixed it up.
(I tried 3 different food until he loved this one).


Between 5:30-6pm - I give him the same as above. He will always eat the chicken first, later he goes back to his dish to eat the Innova.

Hope this works for you.

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