Need Help with a Coton de Tulear pee problem

by Katherine
(Dallas, TX)

Murphy seems to have a unique problem. I have yet to read or hear of anyone else that has this happen to their Coton de Tulear. He pees on himself! I have had his tummy shaved up higher than normal & then his chest hair cut short. When standing or sitting, you can't even see where it's trimmed. He still has a yellow belly.

What's worse is that the back of his front legs are peed on, too. That, you can see easily. At 9 months, he doesn't squat anymore, but he doesn't quite raise that leg either. And arches his back so that he aims right to his front legs! I keep wipes near by & try to get it off him when he comes in the door, but it still stains.

Does anyone else have this problem? How about suggestions for a solution? Thanks.

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Nov 13, 2011
Leg lifting for male pups
by: Anonymous

I used to have a dog with the same problem when he was a puppy. He just didn't seem to get the hang of lifting his leg and he'd get pee all over himself. We started to take him out much more frequently so that he didn't have to go so much at one time. This really helped. Also, I think time will eventually correct the problem as your dog gets stronger, smarter, and more confident. Just another "fun" puppy problem to overcome. I hope your Coton has figured it out by now.

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