Need help for dog peeing in dog sitter's house


Help, Higgins just turned a year old, he has not gone in house for some time now. BUT, took him to dog sitter while we vacationed for one week and he pee’d all over her house. She would let him out in the fenced yard for a hour and when he came in he would pee right in front of her. She quit. He went over and over again. Again help.

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Jul 23, 2018
Belly Bands NEW
by: Anonymous

My boy Bill is wonderful at home. Using his pad when I am gone and going outside but anyplace new is "deputy dog" marking everything. He has been this way since he was young. My vet told me about a belly band. It is a flannel or cloth strip with velcro to secure at the top of your dogs back. Put a poise pad in it and when he wets it won't get on anything. Be sure to change the pad periodically. I don't know if it is okay but I have a website that makes the very best ones and all the proceeds go to a rescue. Hope this helps

Jul 22, 2018
Peeing in the house NEW
by: Iris

If your dog smells where other dogs have peed he will also mark that spot. If it is the first time away from home he probably is fearful and confused, not familiar with the people or surroundings.
If the dog has a urinary infection or bladder stones it is painful and causes an urge to urinate.
Don't be mad at the dog.
Get him checked by a Vet
Make sure he is familiar and comfortable with caregivers
Love and blessings,

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