My TV addicted Coton de Tulear, Max

by Bill
(La Habra, CA)

Our Coton de Tulear is an avid TV watcher. Our favorite story of this crazy dog is during the holidays there is a commercial with dogs that have antlers strapped to their heads pulling a sleigh.

Our Coton was watching these dogs pulling the sleigh on TV and as the sleigh took off to the right side of the TV screen, Max thought the dogs ran down the hall of our house that is just to the right of where the TV is mounted and he ran from bedroom to bedroom trying to find where they had run! I have never seen a dog that is more aware of TV than this one.

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Feb 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

That is just so funny, I love this bread of dog as they have such personalities. They are so cute. This just made me laugh. thank you

Feb 09, 2011
Great comments, Iris
by: Bill

Iris, your description of Tuffy is so similar to our Max that it is almost scary.

Feb 09, 2011
tv watching Coton
by: Iris Miller

Join the club Bill, my dog Tuffy watches tv, and the first time as a young puppy he noticed dogs on tv he did the same thing, but ran around to the back of the tv. Too funny. Tuffy barks at the dogs that bark on tv (also doorbells ringing on tv) so I have gotten him to understand "it's okay, it on the TV" and point to the TV, so now, being three years old, he seems to understand it most of the time. Tuffy will come running if I am watching TV and I yell to him, "come see the puppies on TV,"and he will sit attentively right in front of it.Tuffy has his TV watching preferences, he likes dogs, other animals, nature films with grand vistas, especially if sheep and goats are running around. He also watched with great interest (twice) the special nature program about wild horses and love music. This morning he was very interested in a dog on tv who has a vocabulary of 1000 words, Tuffy's ears were going back and forth like receivers, and following every move that dog made, most of the commands were retrieving specific toys and putting them in a plastic tub, (kid stuff for my Coton!)
I understand there are actually videos for dogs to watch, but so far, I have enough expenses with my little guy, he will have to settle for antenna TV shows.
hugs and love,
Iris and Tuffy

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