My smart puppy Bailey

by Rhonda Aubert
(Waveland, MS)

My Bailey is 3 months old but only one week with us. She’s good at using the puppy pads but has some accidents especially on my rugs. How do I break her from the pads to going outside to use the bathroom?

Bailey also will not come close to me to pet her. She wants to run to her bed in order to be picked up Any advice on what I can do to change that?

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Mar 02, 2018
Bailey NEW
by: Anonymous

Bailey is certainly a cutie pie. I taught Saylor Jane to potty outside by taking her out every two hours while we were awake and always after meals. I always used the same words, "go potty" and I always treated her after she pottied. I always took her out on the leash so that she knew we were out there to do business and not to play. It did not take her long at all to catch on. She will do anything for a treat. Hope this helps.

Mar 02, 2018
My smart pouppy Bailey NEW
by: Yolanda

Hi Rhonda, You have to make Bailey understand that it is not acceptable to do her business wherever she chooses. Some experts say use the crate, what i did with Toby was to bring him close to the accident spot, make him sniff it and show him with my facial expression that I am not happy with it. then 15 min timeout next to his spot where he should go on his pad (close to the door).when I release him it was no smile, no excitment, just ignored him. You have to do it every single time when there is an accident. Now he is 10 months and no more accidents inside. If Bailey doesn't come to you to pet her offer a cookie or a treat every time you call her. That works miracles! all the best

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