My rescue corona, sweet lily

by Julie
(Erie, pa, usa)

Hi,a friend told us of a backyard breeder of another breed in our town, who needed to find a good home for a dog in her possession. I went to see this dog 6 yrs ago, who was 4 yrs old and a breeder dog, originally from Amish puppy mills in pa. Or Ohio. She was extremely depressed according to this breeder. She needed dental work, and many extractions. She was spayed and brought home and brought up to date on immunizations.

She is a wonderful, sweet, beautiful dog that is now 10. However, I was not prepared for the emotional damage that sometimes occurs. She clings to me, and will not greet people as a normally socialized dog would. It took 2 years before she would trust my husband. (I do not coddle her or encourage such fearfulness).

This breed is bright, devoted, and clownish. A great breed, but rescue animals come with their challenges' sometimes more so than a puppy.


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Nov 01, 2016
rescue NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

First of all I am so happy you took her and she has had good things happen in her life. I could not agree more with you, I also adopted a puppy mill dog in macon, GA in 2012. She was 4 and had a terrible fear of all people and everything. Was not potty trained and just a pitiful little thing. Shaved down and underweight.

It took months for my husband to be able to touch her and years before she got over her fear of strangers. She is a wonderful little
girl but never has acted like a typical dog. My other one 2 years younger and her have gotten very close and has helped her adjust to things.

They are a wonderful breed and is is so deplorable what humans can do. I will never understand the cruelty they subject them to. We need much stiffer laws in this country for this type of person. Best of luck to you and Lily!

Nov 01, 2016
Rescue NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Even with ones you have had since puppy hood sometimes gets stuck in habits. Have u tried every time you have someone over they get a treat to reward ur dog with when ur pup decides to timidly come near for visit.

If dog won't get close to newcomers when dog gets half way or however their comfortable distance they do have guest throw it close to them in front & then ignore. Soon they will see strangers as good.

Recommended is to use a specific treat like dog yogurt drops that they only get on that occasion & most really like them. U can find at petsmart.

It's nice u adopted.

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