My dog is obsessed with toys

by Carol

Skye jumping for a toy

Skye jumping for a toy

I have a three year old bitch and she is obsessed with toys. Every time I let her out into the garden to do her business she HAS to take a toy with her for me to throw, or else she goes into panic mode...running back into the house to search for a toy.

Once she finds one, she comes racing back outside, throws the toy to ME and then barks her head off waiting for me to throw it. Not such a good idea when it is 6.30am and the neighbors are still in bed!

Do you have any ideas on how I can tackle this obsession? And have a more peaceful life?

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Jun 06, 2018
Toy Obsession NEW
by: Anonymous

It happened suddenly. She had a favorite toy, but left it alone for long periods. All os a sudden this toy animal had to be with her at every moment. When I take it away, she gets fidgety and mopes. My dog is not herself. Help.

May 03, 2016
My Chihuahua is obsessed over her toy cat. NEW
by: Anonymous

I adopted Sophie a 3 lb., 6 yr.old Chihuahua 3 months ago and she came with a whole lot of issues, taking her out was nightmare going after everyone with the intent to bite, coming into my home was another, this list is long and I almost gave up on her but I read everything and just did my best with her and with a lot of reading and luck she has come along and is doing better. There is just the two of us so I can put time into her.
Now for my question.. She came with this small blue stuffed bunny and she is so attached to this rabbit no other toy is any good. I'm wondering if it has some meaning to her from her other life in some way? Everything else in her life is new.
Also, she was just spayed 4 months ago and had a lot of teeth removed. My thinking is, her memories would not be good but maybe the stuffed toy represents security in some way.
Thank You

Feb 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Carol, did this help? I'm going through the same with my almost 2 year old cocker spaniel bitch (spayed).

Shes constantly bringing me toys to throw, even around the house. She loves fetching and sniffing where the toy has been (or even touched, such as the wall). I've had to take 2 off her tonight as shes doing my head in! Shes not protective over them, or one particularly, but does have her favourites. I dont know what to do, I will feel too cruel to remove them. I removed balls from the house, but the obsession has now moved to toys. Many thanks!

Apr 04, 2010
bad doggy.......
by: Anonymous

our (rescue) collie (age 2 to 3) is toy mad, but we cannot let him off his lead as he refuses to get close enough to us to put his lead back on him, he stops 6ft short and escapes capture.

any ideas?

Dec 02, 2009
Dog Toy Obsession Help
by: Gale

Hi Carol,

It seems like Skye has taught YOU how to play instead of the other way around. I wonder if the problem is only when you take her outside or if she gets obsessive about her toys at any other time.

You want to prevent your dog from going into panic mode. All dogs should feel safe and happy so here are some things you can do to help alleviate the panic. I hope some of these suggestions help - if not, get help if the problem persists. See a Vet or a professional trainer so you and Skye (and your neighbors) CAN have a more peaceful life.

  • Make sure your dog gets plenty of play time throughout the day and does not have any pent up energy. This includes playtime with you and providing stimulating toys for her when you are not there. I like toys like Kong that get the dog to engage in playing to get a reward.

  • Try experimenting with different kinds of toys. Does she have this reaction to all toys or just certain kinds of toys?

  • Make sure your dog understands that YOU are in charge. Dogs need to feel that you are in control and will take care of them, otherwise they take on that burden of trying to be YOUR protector.

  • This is achieved through obedience training which is the key to getting your dog to listen to you.

  • Teach your dog the release command when you are NOT outside in the problem area and then gradually use the command outside.

  • Most importantly, and probably the most difficult thing, is not to reward the obsessive behavior by playing with your dog when she demands it. You may have a rough couple of days at first, but once she understands that YOU are in control, not her, things should improve.

Good luck to you and Skye

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