My Della does not play well with others

by Nicki and Della

I am at a loss for words right now usually Della is sweet and quiet but ever since a new dog moved in next door she has been a nuisance to all my neighbors. It's especially bad because this dog is five times bigger than her and he is aggressive. I was never able to socialize her because all she does around other dogs is bark constantly and show dominance. She will not play or calm down in any way and I'm afraid one day she's going to get Hurt by another tougher dog.

If anyone has advice it's greatly appreciated Della is almost three there's no reason for this aggressive behavior.

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Aug 04, 2013
She isn't on a leash in our yard NEW
by: Nicki

Della is fenced in our back yard and we close the gate so she has the ability to go snff the other dog. All she does is bark and growl through the fence and we tried walking them nose to nose and she just kept barking and pulling the leash. We had a dog when I first got her and she was fine with her but when friends dogs come over or other dogs she just goes insane we don't have a dog park or anything to get her used to other dogs. I think she just likes to be dominant and one day it might get her into trouble.

Aug 03, 2013
why my dog is aggressive NEW
by: Iris Miller

Our dogs pick up our energy and tensions.If you are already fearing the worst, as I frequently do, then our dog.s already gottent the danger signal. Just try one day, drop the leash and let the dog go to the neighbor dog. I tried this is the pet food store the other day. Tuffy was growling and barking crazy at a dog four times his size and pulling at the leash to get at her. I slowlt put the leash on the floor and bam, the noise stopped, he took a few whiffs of the other dog, then, oh my, where;s my mom? I gave a whistle and he came right back to me. LOL. I guess the dog Whisperer is right, we must stay CALM and assertive.
love, Tuffy and mom

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