My Coton walks from side to side instead of alongside me.

by C. Arrowood
(North Carolina)

When I take my 12 week old Coton outside I would like to take her for a walk but she criss crosses back and forth in front or behind me. She doesn't walk in a normal path but back and forth across the pathway. She can run in a pretty straight line but doesn't seem to know how to walk. Is this normal? Any suggestions on how I can get her to walk with me?

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Feb 27, 2018
Zig zag walking NEW
by: Bentleys Mom

This walking pattern is a matter of proper training on a walk. Bentley tries to do this and we walk 2 miles most days. Being a boy he wants to sniff...then mark everything. This is a no no. He should be on a shorter lead and not be in front of you.....walking you, but at your side. Control the head so a lot of ground sniffing isn't going on. This is a walk not a free for all. If you want to allow for sniffing around that's up to you, but a proper walk is not zig zagging all over the place doing whatever the dog pleases. Start them young with proper behaviors.

Feb 11, 2018
My girl, Rhylie, does the same thing. NEW
by: Pat

My little girl, Rhylie, who is 2 and 1/2 years old does the same thing. She goes back and forth in front of me from one side to another. Every now and then she will walk a straight line for a small amount of time. My Rhylie is interested in everything around her and is constantly looking around. She doesn't want to miss anything. I tired keeping her on a short lease to make her stay on one side. Doesn't work for long. I know one of the biggest problems with my dog is that she wants every one to pay attention to her. If she sees people walking ahead of us she rushes to get to them so they can pet her. She will actually bark to get their attention so they will stop. She has been like this from day one. She's a really friendly & happy dog. I'm not too concerned about her wanting to walk side to side when we walk. I just keep her on a short lease and it's not too bad.

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